Find Nearly Vaccination Centres Via Govt Chatbot, Whatsapp Chat: Find Out How?

All citizens over the age of 18 are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine as the nation enters the third phase of vaccination.
In order to register for the vaccine and book selection spaces, the central CoWIN website has been launched by the government. A list of nearby vaccination centers has already been provided on the CoWIN portal but the WhatsApp-with MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot, launched last year, has now been added with functionality that helps make it easier for people to seek vaccination facilities in their area.

Chatbot Helps Locate Vaccination Centers Near

MyGov Corona Helpdesk chat on WhatsApp now gives us the ability to find nearby vaccination centers. This interview was launched last year to help eliminate non-news and disseminate information about COVID-19. It crossed the 1.7 crore user milestone in just ten days of its launch. As the third phase of drug rolling continues, MyGovIndia Twitter account has tweeted that the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot is now helping people find a vaccine nearby.

How to find your nearest immunization center using WhatsApp

MyGov Corona Helpdesk chat is only available on WhatsApp and you should be a member of the instant messaging forum to take advantage of the release of the new feature. Follow the steps below to find the nearest vaccination center.

  1. Save the number 9013151515 or visit this link to open the MyGoV Corona Helpdesk Chatbot.
  2. Type Hi or Namaste in a conversation to start a conversation
  3. The default answer will ask for a series of questions and finally your PIN where you live. Enter the PIN code.
  4. MyGoV Corona Helpdesk Chatbot will then send us a list of vaccination centers in the specified area.
    Apart from WhatsApp, you can also check out immunization centers near the MapmyIndia platform or the CoWIN platform. The CoWIN website homepage has a ‘find vaccine centers nearby’ and typing your PIN code will drop a list of all registered immunization centers in the area.

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