ePass Mandatory For Private Vehicles In Maharashtra: How To Get ePass? Rules & Regulations?

Day after new restrictions of banning inter-state and inter-district travel were implemented across Maharashtra, DGP Sanjay Pandey restarted e-pass system for people who wish to embark on an inter-city or inter-state trip.

People belonging to essential service providing categories, need not apply for e-pass. They are allowed to travel and can pass police blockades by showing their identity cards. However, people that don’t fall within the essential service category can apply for the e-pass only in emergency situations like medical emergencies, marriages or just in case of death in the family.

Where can one apply for an e-pass?

Those who have an access to the web can apply for an e-pass on the given link https://covid19.mhpolice.in/registration.

Those who don’t have access to internet can attend the closest police headquarters for an e-pass. They have to carry relevant documents, like doctor’s certificate in case of medical emergency or death certificate in case of death of a family member. While those people who are applying online will have to upload a scanned copy of the relevant documents.

Each application goes to the zonal DC of police in city police, and in districts, the SP office has the right to scrutinize the application.

How To Get e-pass?

After an individual applies for an e-pass, a token ID is issued.

The applicant can check the status of their application on the given link https://covid19.mhpolice.in/status using the token IDs.

If approved by the authorities, one can download it from the website while those who have submitted an application at police station, will have to collect it from the police station. The e-pass will contain the applicants important. The applicant has to keep a copy of the e-pass during their travel and show when asked for.

One does not need to carry an e-pass, if travelling within city or district. In 2020, two types of passes were issued, an e-pass for inter-city and inter-state travel and an essential service card was issued by the authorities. This year, a person working in financial sector, government sector or under any other essential service sector within the city needs to carry their identity card.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai police have implemented a colour code system. Red stickers are for ones working in medical emergency services, green colour is for services related to food, vegetable and grocery & Yellow is for other essential services mentioned in the government order.

The e-pass system is supposed to be valid till 1st May until further notice.

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