Hyundai’s New 7-Seater SUV Alcazar Will Be Targeted For Creta Owners (Marketing Strategy Decoded)

Hyundai's New 7-Seater SUV Alcazar Will Be Targeted For Creta Owners Who Wish To Upgrade (Marketing Strategy Decoded)
Hyundai’s New 7-Seater SUV Alcazar Will Be Targeted For Creta Owners Who Wish To Upgrade (Marketing Strategy Decoded)

With Hyundai Alcazar prices set to be announced at the end of this month, the Korean brand is drip-feeding more details about its upcoming three-row SUV. Speaking to Autocar India, Tarun Garg, director – sales, marketing and service, Hyundai Motor India, revealed details on Hyundai Alcazar’s target buyer.

The Hyundai Creta is a five-seater with a sportier appearance. If you’re reading this, then let’s find out what Alcazar has in store for you!

What Sets Them Apart? 

The Hyundai Alcazar, a three-row variant of the Hyundai Creta, uses the same platform as the Hyundai Creta. Although the Alcazar appears to be very similar to the Creta, it has a dozen variations

Alcazar’s interior dashboard architecture has yet to be publicly unveiled by Hyundai. What sets the interior of the two SUVs apart is their seating arrangement.

 The Creta is a five-seater SUV whereas Hyundai will be offering the option of either a 6-seater version with captain seats or a 7-seater version with bench seats for the middle row. If you opt for the 6-seater version with captain seats, there’s even a floor-mounted central armrest with additional storage and that’s a premium touch.

Speaking of the third row of seats, given that the Alcazar has the longest wheelbase in class, space is pretty decent, although not very generous.

Since the Creta first arrived in India in 2015Hyundai says over 6 lakh units have been sold. Garg revealed that many of these customers are looking for an upgrade.

“To be frank, we had market research where we could see that we have sold over 6 lakh Cretas and many of these customers are looking for an upgrade. They feel that they have now reached a notch higher in their life and they want to travel in luxury, they want to have premium-ness in their car, and they want a little more versatility,” said Garg.

Hyundai Alcazar Is All Set To Give A Camping Trip vibe

According to Garg, the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced buyers to spend more time with their families, which has influenced Alcazar’s target buyer. And why not when you can spend quality time with your family without having to worry about anything!

 Other customers Hyundai hopes to attract to the Alcazar include those who enjoy outdoor activities and those who prefer to be chauffeured. 

The Alcazar can be filled with people because of the versatility of the second and third rows of seats. The best part for any traveller, Alcazar can be loaded with enough luggage to take a long road trip or with equipment for a shorter camping trip.

“What has happened with this pandemic is – and this is a good thing – all of us have realised the importance of families. And we want to spend maximum time with them. The Alcazar, or any 7-seater SUV, gives us that opportunity to not only spend time on a vacation with your family but also travel together.”

Garg reiterated that those who are primarily chauffeur-driven will find the second row of seats inviting, especially in 6-seat form with captain’s chairs.

 “They want to go for weekend drives, they want to do outdoor activities and need the space for the equipment, or they travel with a chauffeur and want a very comfortable second-row seating arrangement. So, I think all those needs will be fulfilled by the Alcazar.”

Beyond the utilitarian aspects, there’s also an aspiration aspect of buying the Alcazar, says Garg. 

“I believe there’s much more to it [than family size] and as we go along, we will see that a different segment of customers is looking at this segment with much more aspiration. So, it’s not just the utility aspect

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