10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Life Right Now

Ten efficient steps to improve your smartphone's battery life performance.
Ten efficient steps to improve your smartphone’s battery life performance.

Let’s talk about your smartphone’s battery life and health, which is probably among the most unattended to yet important components of any device.

People often complain about their new smartphone’s battery performance deteriorating within only a few months of purchase. A major part of this depends upon how you use your smartphone and your charging habits.

In this article, we will share with you some healthy habits to extend your battery life

Healthy Habits to Improve your Battery Life

  • Never let your smartphone discharge until 0%. Instead, connect your phone to the charger as soon as the battery drops below 20%, rather than letting it drop to 0%.
  • It is advised to not charge your phone upto 100%, for a longer battery life. You can stop charging your phone once it reaches the 90% mark. This can prevent your smartphone from getting overcharged, leading to a longer battery life.
  • In continuation to overcharging your phone, it is never a good idea to leave your phone on charging all through the night. Most phones charge fully under 90 minutes, so it is never appreciated to charge it all through the night.
  • Gadgetsnow recommends using a standard 5W adapter for charging at most times, rather than opting for fast charging every time there isn’t a requirement. It advises that using a standard charger may take time for your phone to charge but will be fruitful in the longer run.
  • Smartphones come with a feature of ‘power saving’ mode. One must turn it on at all times and not just when the phone is running out of battery. This practice helps improve battery health.
  • Another important step which you can follow is by turning off your Wifi and bluetooth whenever not in use. This will help save your battery by a lot.
  • Avoid using the wireless reverse charging feature to charge other devices like earbuds. It should be used only when there’s genuine need for it. Using this feature always impacts the battery life of your phone gradually.
  • It has always been advised to not use random charging adapters and cables to charge your smartphone. This is not only a healthy battery-life practice but also a healthy approach for data-safety.
  • Another point is the awareness about the quality of power banks used. Always be sure of the brand and power rating of the  powerbank used, i.e., avoid using cheap quality powerbanks.
  • Lastly, always delete the apps which are of no use to you. You must also indulge into turning off the apps running in the background.

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