All OTT Services, Channels For Free? Samsung TV Plus Service Will Now Let You Do In India

You can now get OTT services and top channels for free with your next Samsung TV. The Korean tech giant launched Samsung TV Plus service in the country, and that lets you watch free channels on its smart TVs along with OTT services. With access to over 27 global and local channels, the latest service by Samsung plans to offer a wide variety of free streaming services with multiple partners. The company also added that more channels be on-boarded soon.

All OTT Services, Channels For Free? Samsung TV Plus Service Will Now Let You Do In India

The Samsung TV Plus service offers free TV content with your Samsung Smart TV. The devices also have ad-supported select live channels along with on-demand videos. 

Samsung TV Plus service has also been made available with the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Smart TVs will come with the free TV content, so you can watch the channels for free without any active subscription or getting an additional DTH connection. The service has ad-supported select live channels which can be streamed live without the need of any set-top box.

The new Samsung TV Plus service is available with Samsung Smart TVs from the 2017 model onwards. You will need an active internet connection to stream the free content. Samsung said the catalogue has a wide range of content across multiple genres as news, lifestyle, technology, gaming, science, sports, and outdoor, music and shows.

All these will be available for free with Samsung Smart TVs without any subscription. Samsung TV Plus is currently available in 14 countries: US, Canada, Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and the latest to join is India.

Apart from smart TVs, the Samsung TV Plus service is available on the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well including the tablets running Android Oreo OS or higher version. Samsung Galaxy phones will get to enjoy the services from early April and the TV Plus app is available on the Samsung Galaxy Store and Google Play Store.

Samsung TV Plus has access to over 800+ channels across the globe.

Samsung said the TV Plus service will help it to stay in touch with the consumers. It calls the new free streaming service is a result of the change in consumer behaviour during the pandemic led lockdown period, wherein the consumers, especially Millennials and Gen Z started exploring TV channels more for new and exciting content. Samsung is offering access to 27 global and local channels with TV Plus with more partners said to be added soon. 

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