Tata Technologies Delays Termination Of 800 Employees

Tata Technologies Delays Termination Of 800 Employees
Tata Technologies Delays Termination Of 800 Employees

Edit 1: Tata Technologies has issued a statement on this developement:

“Firstly, we re-iterate that we categorically deny any claims being circulated in social media about 800 employees being terminated by Tata Technologies.

In July 2020, in response to the business challenges arising out of the pandemic situation, a section of our employees who were already on bench, had opted to proceed on paid leave followed by unpaid leave for a specified period of time. During this entire period, the company had always intended to redeploy these employees based on business demand and by early March 2021, we were successful in redeploying nearly 18% of this talent pool.

With the business demands showing a positive outlook, especially in the area of new digital skills, we were able to identify more business opportunities by end of March 2021 and encouraged to provide possibilities to re-deploy another 40%-50% of the impacted set in the first quarter of the new fiscal FY 22. This renewed confidence has enabled us to extend our continued association with this set of employees to utilize their skills on potential projects.

While we continue to look at future opportunities, we would like to state that provisions of the Bench Policy will continue to apply as the update of demand is majorly confined to new skill areas, as compared to legacy skills.”


In a huge relief for 800+ employees of Tata Technologies, the company has stopped their termination process, and allowed them to work till June 30th, 2021.

This can be described as a huge win for The Nascent Information Technology Senate (NITES), which had fought hard for the impacted employees, and filed several complaints with the labor commissioner. 

However, the termination process hasn’t yet been completely put off, and the impacted employees can have some more sleepless nights.

But till June 30th, they will be employed, and they will be allowed to work.

Tata Technologies Stop Termination Of 800+ Employees

In an email to all the impacted employees, Tata Technologies have stated that as of now, they are stopping the termination process till June 30th.

The email, which we have access to and have read, clearly states that the employees can work with Tata Technologies till June 30th, and the decision to terminate them will be taken after June 30th.

Reacting on this news, Harpreet Saluja, President, Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate NITES said, “After a complaint was submitted to the Labour Commissioner office Pune against Tata Technologies for illegal layoff of permanent employees on 9th March 2020, today on 31st March most of the employees have received email pertaining to the withdrawal of Notice of Separation. Though this is not the complete solution to the problems of employees but surely is a big relief. It’s a ray of hope for the employees after all the efforts & hardwork we have put in against the injustice done to the employees. This is our first step towards the success and we will continue to strive hard for the reinstatement and complete backwages of the employees.”

As per information received, some of these employees have been allocated new projects, which means that they will receive salary, while most of the impacted employees are still without pay.

Harpreet has assured us that they are trying their best to reinstate salaries for all the employees.

We would like to mention here that despite putting employees on leave without pay, Tata Technologies had continued providing medical insurance facilities to the impacted employees and their families, which will still continue.

But The Fear Of Termination Still Exists

As on March 1st, Tata Technologies had abruptly decided to fire 800+ employees, after keeping them on leave without pay for 8 months.

This has shaken the morale and confidence of all these employees, who had devoted years and years to this Tata Group of companies.

NITES had filed a legal complaint with the Pune Labour Commissioner, which we had reported here.

But now, due to the complaint and huge outcry, the decision has been stopped, albeit temporarily.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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