Facebook Content Creators Will Get Paid For Short Videos As Short As 1 Minute

On Thursday said that the social network giant Facebook said that content creators will now be allowed to earn revenue from short-form videos via advertisements through its platform.

Increasingly social media personalities who are famous are vied by smaller tech rivals of Facebook. To counter this, Facebook, in its blog revealed how it has come up with a plan to help these creators to make more money.

More & More Money In Short Video Content

Creators who are making short videos on the feature of Snapchat Spotlight by which go viral are paid almost $1 million per day Snapchat. Users shall be able to charge followers for exclusive content on Twitter under the newly launched feature “Super Follows”.

Down from the previous time limit of 3 minutes, creators now can earn revenue from videos as short as a minute according to Facebook.

The ads which look as stickers will be tested shortly. These will be used by content creators in their Facebook Stories to earn money.

From the live streaming videos on Facebook, more and more creators can now qualify to earn ad revenue. This was previously an invite-only program.

Facebook’s Facebook Stars

Facebook revealed that it will soon give away $7 million in the form of free Facebook stars to users. These stars then in turn will be used to make payments to the creators in the form of tipping.

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