Swiggy Offers Unlimited Free Deliveries, Buy-One-Get-One With Paid Plans Starting At Rs 89

Swiggy Offers Unlimited Free Deliveries, Buy-One-Get-One With Paid Plans Starting At Rs 89
Swiggy Offers Unlimited Free Deliveries, Buy-One-Get-One With Paid Plans Starting At Rs 89

The online food ordering and food delivery platform aka “swiggy” have a remarkable journey. Connecting consumers to over 1,00,000 restaurant partners and stores in over 500 cities by elevating the quality of life for the consumers.

The company that have controlled the entire value chain of customer experience. Swiggy got a lot of things right from the start and one of those is launching SUPER in 2018! Swiggy Super is India’s one of the most lovable subscription where consumers save on their orders, by never paying for deliveries. 

Vivek Sunder, Chief Operating Officer, Swiggy said, “At Swiggy, our aim is to make ordering in as convenient and hassle-free as possible. With millions of users across the country, we understand the various types of consumers ordering with us, some do so occasionally, some every day and others in larger quantities. That’s why we have come up with benefits like free delivery, access to a greater variety of restaurants including those far away and extra delights delivered to their doorstep. For instance, the BINGE and BITE plans offer fantastic value for our regular consumers as they pay for themselves well before the month is over.”

What Is Swiggy Super?

Like every other success story,Swiggy too had a turning point . Swiggy always made sure that the battle to retain customer with loyalty programs needed to be well strategized. Thus launching Swiggy super in 2018 .It is a subscription based service. It started with a month and 3 months plan at Rs 99 and Rs 149 respectively. This plan benefitted a lot of consumers with free delivery, surprise treats and no surge fee. It has benefited almost 4 million users till date. These users have been able to save over Rs 580 Crores through benefits like free deliveries and waiving of surge fee.The carefully crafted service has helped to achieve greater order frequency on swiggy and directly benefiting small and big restaurants with constant orders.

The New Version Of Swiggy SUPER

Revamp of Swiggy SUPER has a reason. It will benefit million of users with attractive plans like Buy One Get One offers. It will help restaurants to offer an ordering experience more convenient than before. Super will offer three different plans with progressively greater benefits including attractive offers. All three plans will come with 1-month and 3-month subscriptions and offer incremental distance coverage according to the chosen plan. 

As stated by Swiggy, Consumers can now choose from one of three plans based on their usage and preferences.

  1. The BINGE plan provides ‘unlimited’ free deliveries and unlimited Buy One Get On (BOGO) offers on dishes from partner restaurants at a price of INR 329/month. This plan is suitable for regular Swiggy users who order from a wider variety of restaurants spread across the city.
  2. The BITE plan is priced at INR 169/month, providing 10 free deliveries per month along with unlimited BOGO offers from select partner restaurants. The BITE plan is suitable for consumers who place orders with Swiggy fairly often. 
  3. The BIT plan priced at INR 89/month provides five free deliveries per month and is targeted at new consumers who are looking
  4. For a value offering.

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