International Women’s Day 2021: Women Who Inspire

International Women’s Day 2021: Women Who Inspire
International Women’s Day 2021: Women Who Inspire

Over the last decade, the percentage of female entrepreneurs rose from 14% to 20%, indicating a steady rise in the number of women who run their own businesses. It is certain that entrepreneurial skills do not come with a gender, they are attained during the course of one’s life with immense hard work, determination and perseverance. This is why, we take a look at women who chose to challenge themselves and the world by leading the way to change and by becoming successful role models in their respective industries.

Archana Jahagirdar, Managing Partner at Rukam Capital

Archana Jahagirdar is Managing Partner at Rukam Capital, a New Delhi-based venture capital firm that invests in early-stage consumer centric companies. She is a veteran professional who is on a mission to unravel the opportunity and potential concealed/embedded in the start-up ecosystem with her profound knowledge. She is one of the few women founders who incorporated a venture capital firm with a belief to bring a new wave in the startup ecosystem. Prior to conceptualising Rukam Capital, she founded Angelworks in 2017. She has also worked as the CEO of Indian Angel Network Incubator and as an angel investor. Archana, with her work, inspires and motivates women entrepreneurs to lead, learn and grow in their industry. 

Ms. Divya Gokulnath, Co-Founder, Byju’s

Divya Gokulnath is the co-founder & director at BYJU’S. She also heads the company’s Brand Marketing, Communications and Mentoring verticals.  Apart from handling multiple business domains, her love for Math and Science has driven her to become a full-time teacher at BYJU’S as well and she strongly believes that better teachers make better students.

A big believer in the power of diversity at work, Divya leads one of the largest women-centric teams in the company and has actively spoken about its benefits at several national and international platforms.

Akshita Gupta, Co-founder, Ruptok Fintech Pvt Ltd. and ABL Workspaces: 

Akshita Gupta is the Co-founder at Ruptok Fintech Pvt Ltd and ABL Workspaces Pvt. Ltd. The serial entrepreneur – Akshita, is spearheading the companies and two very distinctive industries. While Ruptok Fintech Pvt. Ltd. is technology enabled platform for financial institutions offering logistics and technology solutions for gold loans, ABL workspace offers state-of-the-art co-working spaces for businesses to kickstart and sustain their operations. She is a dynamic young woman entrepreneur with a strong knack of business, she is currently helping companies, new age startups, and independent professionals unlock their potential by catering to their financial and real estate needs. A trained photographer from the National Academy of Photography and a professional French speaker, Akshita is a commerce graduate from Meerut Univerity. In her free time, Akshita loves to read, meditate and make bonsais.

Shubhi Agarwal, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Locobuzz Solutions:

Shubhi Agarwal, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Locobuzz Solutions, oversees product development and envisioning long-term productivity of incremental changes, upgrades and innovations. In her current role, Shubhi is responsible for creating visibility of the product and curating beneficial associations between businesses and opportunities in Artificial intelligence and digital customer experience.  With over 17 years of experience in strategic partner alliances, Shubhi has dedicated her career towards driving business objectives through diverse technological solutions that create immense value for all associations involved.  

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