Women’s Day Special: This Is How Women Are Disrupting Social Media By Tearing Down Stereotypes

Women's Day Special: This Is How Women Are Disrupting Social Media By Tearing Down Stereotypes
Women’s Day Special: This Is How Women Are Disrupting Social Media By Tearing Down Stereotypes

This is a Guest Post by Anshika Yadav, Head – User Retention at Bolo Indya

Social media is no more an urban phenomenon, with the phenomenal rise of smartphones in the country followed by the dramatic rise of homegrown social media apps like MX Takatak, Bolo Indya, Roposo, Mitron etc has kickstarted the digital wave in the country with at least 4 people out of 10 being on one of the other social media application.

Leap growth is the adoption of the regional languages on these platforms, leading to the mushrooming of the digital content in Indian languages. According to the latest Google-KPMG data, 70 % of Indians find local language digital content more reliable.  The availability of smart phones along with  easy interface of apps in the local languages have brought a revolution in the way we are adopting social media applications in the Country.

Anshika Yadav, Head - User Retention at Bolo Indya
Anshika Yadav, Head – User Retention at Bolo Indya

With this dramatic growth, women residing in rural markets and small towns are also feeling empowered and are tearing down old stereotypes and demographic categories, growing from change to creating a real impact on their day-to-day lives by exploring new digital experiences.

Several studies reveal that women outnumber men in use and time spent on social media. With their inspiring spirit, women have also become our motivational drivers, counsellors, dependable figures and so much more than they get credit for.  Bolo Indya, the homegrown passion economy driven platform  acknowledges the inspiring women who are changing the face of society with their work and passion. 

Such is the story of Anmol Rodriguez,  a 26 years old woman from Mumbai who creates content in Hindi. She was just two months old when her father poured acid on her in an attempt to kill her. Today, this acid attack survivor is a confident woman who inspires millions of users on Bolo Indya by talking to them live and sharing her real-life struggles. With the phenomenal growing followership, Anmol is not hesitant to express herself and has come out as a clear winner against the society taboos. for Bolo Indya, she is a their Super Woman creator who is creating impact and driving much needed change

Another inspiring story of Bolo Indya Super Woman creator is Poonam Yadav, a creator from Varanasi, who is a National Powerlighter and Fitness Model. Poonam started weightlifting in 2011 and her road to the gold medal was paved with too much financial strain. When Poonam got the chance to represent her country on the world stage, her winning streak is being recognized even at international scale. Poonam is a proud Super Woman Creator for the brand creates inspiring videos around fitness techniques, health and diet which keeps her 1.5 M followers glued to her content on the Bolo Indya platform.

Amayra Dongre, the social media sensation who is taking social media by storm has also joined Bolo Indya to further expand her reach. She makes relatable content on pop culture and has an amazing imitation especially with Priyanka Chopra, which hugely entertains people. Amarya loves experimenting with her content. Amarya has so far created over 156 Videos on the app and has over 1.5 M  followers. 

Women on social media who keep engaging with their fans through content that includes vlogging, doodling, body-positivity and videos that will make you laugh till your jaw drops, are creating waves and are breaking all sorts of boundaries. A lot of them already have millions of followers, thousands of likes, views and shares for their content, all while dazzling their audiences.

According to the ‘Toward Gender Equity Online: Research with the Next Billion Users’ report by Google India, “women are reluctant to network online on social platforms due to the fear of harassment and lack of a safe community”. Homegrown social media apps’ mission is to create a vernacular social network which suits Indian women, keeping them informed, safe and empowered, allowing them to consume, connect and transact in a trusted space. 

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