PUBG Mobile 2 Launch Soon, Will Be Available In India? PUBG Mobile India Launch When?

PUBG 2 and PUBG Mobile 2 could be launching soon. Both the games are getting a sequel with new updates. PUBG Mobile 2 launch is said to happen as early as next week. The upcoming PUBG game will have a few major upgrades. PUBG data miner ‘PlayerIGN’ leaked the details on Twitter revealing the new additions with PUBG Mobile 2 taken from a Weibo post.

PUBG Mobile 2 Launch Soon, Will Be Available In India? PUBG Mobile India Launch When? (img: PlayerIGN / Twitter)

PUBG Mobile 2.0 will be set in 2051 with a lot of new features.

The battle royale game will include latest gadgets as drones, deployable bunkers and more new equipments.

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds 2 will be available for both Android and iOS. PUBG Mobile 2 availability is yet to be confirmed by the company, but rumours suggest next week. Both PUBG 2 and PUBG Mobile 2 could arrive at the same time.

The new versions may support cross-platform playability across PCs, gaming consoles and mobile. If allowed on PCs and mobiles with cross-platform support, PUBG 2 can also be played in India. Currently banned, the new version of the battle royale game could be played in India with support on different devices at the same time. The government didn’t ban the PUBG PC version.

Coming to PUBG Mobile India relaunch, it’s taking long than ever. After almost five months into the PUBG Mobile ban in India, the relaunch is being rumoured repeatedly, but the release is yet to happen. After the ban back, the parent company registered an India subsidiary, and said it will launch a dedicated PUBG Mobile India game for India. 

Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) is yet to give any official clearance to PUBG India, either as a standalone India game or the global version. 

But the government has clearly mentioned that using the PUBG global APK links are not illegal, so the Korean version of PUBG Mobile can be used in India. Designed for Korea and Japan, you can download the PUBG 1.2 update externally via APK links.

PUBG Mobile India relaunch has already been confirmed on a number of occasions, but the game is not available yet. PUBG Mobile release date could be finalised soon. The company has been teasing the game for fans in India, hinting at PUBG  Mobile launch soon. PUBG Mobile India release date could be between April and June.

In contrast, the earlier government reports hinted at PUBG Mobile India launch not anytime soon.

To refute all claims, according to the company, PUBG Mobile India is still much in talks, and PUBG Corp is trying it’s best to release the game as soon as possible, but the government thinks otherwise.

The Indian government is still reluctant to give PUBG a green signal in India.

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights claimed that games as PUBG Mobile should remain banned in India as they promote violence and adversely affect the mentality of children. Though the report said that ‘access to PUBG in India’ is not illegal. So PUBG Mobile India download links available with other sensors are not illegal in the country. Some other sources cite that PUBG India relaunch may happen in March.

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