Mumbai Auto Fare, Taxi Fare Raised By Rs 3 For This Reason; Commuting Becomes Costly

Mumbai's auto rickshaw and taxi's minimum fare prices rise by Rs 3, in consequence of the increasing petrol and diesel prices in the city.
Mumbai’s auto rickshaw and taxi’s minimum fare prices rise by Rs 3, in consequence of the increasing petrol and diesel prices in the city.

Due to a sharp rise in the prices of crude oil across the global market, the petrol and diesel prices in the country have spurred up too.

After hitting a record rate of Rs 97/litre for petrol and diesel at Rs 88.06 a litre in Mumbai on Monday, Tuesday witnessed an even higher surge in the prices.

Mumbai citizens will have to now shell out Rs 97.34 for a litre of petrol after a 34 paise increase over Tuesday’s rate, while diesel crawled 38 paise higher than Monday’s price to strike at Rs 88.44/litre on Tuesday.

However, rise in crude oil prices will not be the only kick on the pockets of Mumbaikars, as the city’s auto and taxi prices have also surged by Rs 3.

Mumbai’s Auto and Kaali Peeli’s Fares Rise

With the Covid-19 cases rising, in conjunction with a meteoric surge in the petrol and diesel prices in Mumbai, the fare prices of auto rickshaws and taxis in the city have now risen too.

In response to an increase in petrol and diesel prices in the city, minimum fare prices of auto have increased from Rs 18 to Rs 21, while that of Mumbai’s Kaali peeli taxis have risen from Rs 22 to Rs 25.

Currently, as of Tuesday, Mumbai is retailing petrol at Rs 97.34/litre, and diesel at Rs  88.44/litre.

New Covid-19 Cases in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is witnessing a sharp rise in the number of new Covid-19 cases. Maharashtra’s Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) stated that the daily headcount in the state increased from about 2,000 cases per day in January to almost 7,000 cases/day now.

The state reported an addition of 6,971 new COVID-19 confirmed cases on Sunday, with 2,417 people reportedly recovered in the past 24 hours.

In response to the increasing cases of Covid-19 in the state, Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray demanded to put into place, stricter measures for curtailing the increasing cases, in addition to a issuing warning of instilling new Covid restrictions across the state, shall safety protocols not be followed.

Thackeray also announced that all political, religious and social gatherings will be prohibited across the state from Monday, as they attract crowds. On Feb 21, CMO Maharashtra proposed a question to the citizens of the state, asking if they wanted the government to put up a lockdown, via a tweet.

Thackeray said that the state’s decision would follow depending upon the citizens’ answers in the upcoming 8 days.

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