3rd Gen Apple AirPods Leaked: This Is How Apple’s New AirPods Will Look & Work

3rd Gen Apple AirPods Leaked: This Is How Apple's New AirPods Will Look & Work
3rd Gen Apple AirPods Leaked: This Is How Apple’s New AirPods Will Look & Work

According to the latest developments, in a few months the next generation Apple AirPods can enter the market. 


Latest Leaks For The Third Generation AirPods

Although, the new image leaked by 52Audio website (via Macrumours) is showcasing the announced accessory, dubbed as the third generation AirPods, in full glory. 

These leaks show both the AirPods case and the earbuds themselves.

Design And Features

The earlier reports from Bloomberg mentioned that the upcoming AirPods will take design cues from current AirPods Pro as they will feature a smaller stem and silicone ear tips.

 Although, it is supposed to be lacking high-end features such as Active Noise Cancellation.

 The same is represented in the image designs leaked by 52Audio website.

Case Design

Considering the case design, the latest charging case is seen to be less rectangular compared to the one seen in the case of Airports Pro.

Apart from that it has a LED charging indicator at the front. 

In terms of design, in the image we can see that it looks similar to AirPods Pro with a shorter stem.

Touch Control Surfaces

Speculation also says that the third generation AirPods may borrow touch controls from the Pro model. 

The new earbuds are expected to come with touch control surfaces instead of single or double tap controls, which is already present in the current AirPods Pro. 

Spatial Audio Features

In addition to that, the upcoming AirPods are also expected to offer similar five hours of continuous audio playback as what we got from the second generation AirPods.

Previous leaks also talked about Spatial Audio features. 

Currently it is exclusive to AirPods Pro, and can come to the third generation AirPods as well. 

Launch Date

The mass production of the new AirPods will take place sometime in the first half of this year according to Analyst Ming Chi Kuo. 

Further, 52Audiob informed that the new AirPods might launch In the beginning of March.

Although, it is worth mentioning here Apple might not be holding an event on March 16 as widely speculated and the same is confirmed in the Bloomberg’s recent reports. 

But speculations also say that it can still hold an event at another date in the same month.

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