90% Of Toll Collection Now FASTag Enabled; 60 Lakh Transactions/Day Sets New Record!

Toll collection at highways closed nearly 90% as the government trying to push the digital transactions at national highways across the country. All lanes of the toll plaza have been converted into FASTag lanes from Monday onwards by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

Over 60 Lakh Transactions

A statement issued by NHAI authorities on Thursday clears that all tolls from midnight of January 15- 16 have successfully transitioned to 100% cashless.

The statement said that the roll-out of 100% cashless tolling has been positively received by the highway users with a record sale of over 2.5 lakhs tags for the last two consecutive days.

The collection on tolls through FASTags has crossed the highest mark of Rs. 95 Cr with 60 lakh transactions on 17th February 2021.

In just 2 days the overall FASTag penetration hit about 87 percent with an increase of 7%, with over 100 toll plazas achieving around 90 percent penetration, said the authority.

A senior government official said that the toll collection via FASTag stood around 89% on Saturday.

‘Free FASTag’ Campaign

To promote the usage of FASTag the NHAI has launched a ‘Free FASTag’ campaign till 1st March 2021, by waiving off the cost of Rs.100 at over 770 toll plazas across the country. In addition to this to make 100% electronic toll collection the authority is charging double toll fees for the vehicles with no FASTag.

Launched in 2014, the RFID-based FASTags affixed on the windshield of vehicles would enable toll to be debited from the linked account without stopping vehicles for a physical transaction.

However, FASTags did not pick up until a Transport Ministry Order called for the implementation of electronic toll collection (ETC) infrastructure for all toll lanes except one across national highways in the country in July 2019.

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