Mahindra Scorpio’s New Variant Launched For Rs 11.99 Lakh: Engine Power, USPs, & More

Mahindra Scorpio’s New Variant Launched For Rs 11.99 Lakh: Engine Power, USPs, & More

Mahindra Scorpio has proven to be one of the most sought SUV among Indians. Knowing its success, Indian automaker, Mahindra has launched a new model in its lineup which is christened as Mahindra Scorpio S3+.

Where Is S3+ positioned in the Scorpio lineup?

Mahindra Scorpio  S3+ is an addition to an already existing lineup of variants including  S5, S7, S9, S11. Most of the features of S3+ are inspired by the S5 model. However, the new trim is less expensive and positioned below S5.

Earlier, Mahindra also used to offer an S3 variant before it got canceled due to the BS6 emission benchmark. The old S3 model used a 2.5-liter CRDi engine to produce a power of 75hp.

What Are The Features of Mahindra Scorpio S3+?

  1. Engine: It has a massive mHawk diesel engine that holds a capacity of 2.2-liters with four cylinders. To improve mileage, S3+ is provided with a detuned engine that delivers a power of 120 PS. The engine is coupled with a  5-speed manual gearbox and generates peak torque of 280Nm.
  1. Body: Scorpio is a rugged SUV built on a ladder on frame chassis. It has a standard rear-wheel-drive layout. S3+ variant comes with 17-inch steel wheels. It is also equipped with manual central locking and HVAC, tilt adjust steering, engine start-stop, and rear parking sensors.
  1. S3+is going to offer two sitting arrangements, one for 7 passengers and the other for 9 including the driver. The sitting configuration is distributed in 3 rows with the last row having side faced seats.

Several features of the new S3+ model have been revamped to make it cheaper than the other variants. This includes discarding speed-sensing door locks and bumpers fitted both to the rear and back. It has also bid adieu to side-steps, padded vinyl seats, and body-colored cladding.

When Will Mahindra Scorpio S3+ Get Launched?

Mahindra Scorpio S3+ is already launched at a price of Rs. 11.99 lakh. It is available in Napoli Black, Molten Red Rage, Diamond White, Dsat Silver.

The fact that it is a variant of Mahindra Scorpio is enough for the S3+ variant to succeed. Scorpio which was launched as a rival to Tata’s Safari has gradually become one of the most successful SUVs across various countries since its launch in 2002.

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