Byju’s Will Hire 8000 Employees For These Job Profiles; Hiring, On-Boarding Will Be Online

Byju's Will Hire 8000 Employees For These Job Profiles; Hiring, On-Boarding Will Be Online
Byju’s Will Hire 8000 Employees For These Job Profiles; Hiring, On-Boarding Will Be Online

BYJU’S, the popular educational technology and online tutoring firm has announced its plans to hire 8000 new employees in the new year 2021. 

Also, the company plans to conduct the hiring and onboarding process of the newcomers by online methods. 

Read on to find out what BYJU’S plans are, right here!

BYJU’S To Hire 8000 New Employees For These Roles

BYJU’S is an ed-tech company,  and will be looking to hire about 8000 people, especially through campus recruitments. The primary reason behind this is that the average age of employees across departments is 23-24 years, which means that the company is run by millennials. 

As per the Chief People Officer at BYJU’S, Pravin Prakash, the 8000 people will be hired across business, content, and product development roles. The hiring process will reportedly be spanned across the next 12 months. 

The company will be hiring technical and non-technical roles across departments actively and will also be engaging with the upcoming talent to hire the unused potential of a “young and curious generation.”

In an interview, Prakash has said that the company already has efficient teams to offer K-10, JEE, NEET, and UPSC preparations. He also said that they are looking for the right candidates to help the company grow its offerings. 

The company reportedly chooses teachers based on their passion for the subject they are teaching and if they will be able to deliver the content in an engaging manner or not. Also, the company checks how well they can incorporate tech aids into their manner of teaching.

Onboarding And Hiring Process To Be Conducted Digitally

The company is implementing safety measures so that social distancing is maintained and the spreading of the COVID-19 disease is limited. For this, BYJU’S will be conducting everything from onboarding process to the training process through digital modes. 

Also, the company has assured that from communicating about the onboarding process on a day-to-day basis till the joining date, inviting the candidates to brainstorming sessions, to engaging virtual induction and training programmes, the company will be making sure that the online process is hassle-free for all the employees.

BYJU’S has been one of the very few companies to make progress this year. In fact, it is the only consumer internet company along with Flipkart who could raise over $1 billion along this year.

In October, BYJU’S valuation soared to $ 10.5 billion, making it a decacorn after Paytm and OYO, i.e. BYJU’S is a relatively new company that is worth at least $10 billion.

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