Make Money Online With Bolo Meets: Content Creators Earning Rs 60,000/Month With Their Skills!

Make Money Online With Bolo Meets: Content Creators Earning Rs 60,000/Month With Their Skills!
Make Money Online With Bolo Meets: Content Creators Earning Rs 60,000/Month With Their Skills!

This is an Exclusive Guest Post by Varun Saxena, Founder and CEO, Bolo Indya

Bolo Indya is the fastest growing short infotainment content videos platform, currently present in over 14 local Indian language.

Bolo Indya stands unique as its working towards empowering the next billion internet users of India, by allowing them to transform their social capital and virality into financial independence, by unlimited earning every month. It brings to the table amalgamation of short videos, local languages, UGC as a driver and Passion economy as the fuel for empowering the internet users of Bharat, taking the penetration of peer to peer financial transactions to tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. 

Starting the journey in May 2019, Bolo Indya today has over 65 lakhs active users and over 28 lakhs creators with over 20 lakhs videos being created on a daily basis across playstore and OEM Appstores.  With the company’s passion and vision of empowering content creators to monetise their content and follower base, Bolo Indya launched  Bolo Meets – Industry’s first engagement led Peer2Peer platform Commerce service capability on its platform. 

Bolo Meets is a unique amalgamation of content, commerce, and social capital; that strengthens the creator economy by empowering them to gain financial independence. Bolo Meets are the online personalised commerce (followers to creators transactions), driven by the connect of the creators with their follower base aka social capital.

It is an engagement led discovery model which allows consumers to first engage with the high-quality content of the content creators, engage with their content, and eventually discover and avail their services on the platform.


Ticket Sizes and Traction

On this P2P commerce service platform,  the transactions start at as low as INR 10 and can go up to INR 5000 on average.  The exciting part is the frequency and the stickiness of these transactions which defy the basic presumption which many make that  language internet users don’t prefer to pay for the content or for creators they love for accessing something personalized for them from their trusted content creators.

With more than 75000 transactions already for just over 5000 content creators, contributing close to 30% of the net revenue already; Bolo Meets reflects the depth and strength of a content creator and a follower relationship when well nurtured by a platform. Top 20% creators earning more than 60,000 per month already through Bolo Meet is an indicator of the days to come and shows that we are moving strongly towards the goal of INR 1 lakh per month per creator in the next quarter.

More than 40% creator to user base already (as compared to 30% a quarter-back), with over 90% retention of content creators delivering Bolo Meets reflects the growing and strengthening trust amongst all the users. 

Trusted by Reputed Names

While T Series Stageworks Academy is the first name announced by the company a couple of days back, lined up this quarter are some of the biggest singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, gig performers, edu-gamers, motivational speakers, astrologers and Bollywood celebrities joining Bolo Meets.

Besides this, many reputed names across the industries embracing it to not only reach out for brand recall or direct sales with short video consumers but onboarding Bolo Indya with specialized workshops, live shows, live classes, mini chats, and more to connect and engage with the audience, leading to related commerce activities.

Top Genres and Languages for Bolo Meets

Categories: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fitness, Edutainment, Language Learning, Singing, Dancing, Standup Comedy and Instrument Learning

Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bangla

The Future Ahead

As we make Bolo Meets open for a wider audience, we are already getting a sticky frequency of transactions per week, with strong retention and a strong growth rate. We aspire to not only positively boost the financial independence journey of our creator partners, but we will also be empowering every Indian sitting in the remotest of location in the country to avail services, learn and grow with the creators who understand their culture, language and aspirations. We aim to open up new income prospects for talented people of the country and provide them a platform to pursue their passion and grow in their lives. 

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