Mumbai Local Can Be Opened For All Only During These Hours; Women, Children Can Be Allowed

Mumbai Local Can Be Opened For All Only During These Hours
Mumbai Local Can Be Opened For All Only During These Hours

As per recent developments, the Mumbai government is planning to restart the Mumbai local as the number of COVID-19 patients in the city is apparently under control.

Read on to find out all the details about the Mumbai local restarting!

Mumbai Local To Restart Operations; Timings To Be Decided By State Government

As per sources close to the development, there is a possibility that the local train will be permitted for morning hours till 7 am and after 10 pm at night. However, this decision will be confirmed only after a review with the chief minister. 

The decision to resume the local services for everyone is a decision that the state government will make. The local train services for all the commuters might be resumed for both central and western railways; however, this is dependent on the review with the chief minister. 

The officials have said, “After 28 October no official discussion has happened with the state govt about starting local service for all. Though we have had discussion over allowing services for few sectors that we have done already.”

As per the official, the timings of the local train is yet to be decided and this call will be taken by the state government. 

Restrictions Imposed On Mumbai Due To COVID-19 And New Strain

As of now, the local trains have been made open only for essential workers and those approved by the government. Women too have permissions to travel through the local trains, but only during non-peak hours. 

Mumbai had also issued specific guidelines for the new year celebrations in order to cope with the new mutant virus and also to make sure that the old COVID-19 virus is also kept within limits. A night curfew was imposed from December 25 till January 5. A gathering of five or more persons between 11 pm and 6 am. Also, after 11 pm, gatherings in restaurants, bars, and pubs will not be allowed and loudspeaker/DJ music above permissible decibel limits and fireworks were also prohibited.

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