Retired Govt Employees Will Continue To Get Salary, Gifts! This Is What Govt Has Planned

Retired Govt Employees Will Continue To Get Salary, Gifts! This Is What Govt Has Planned

According to the latest reports, central government employees will now be given a chance to work even after their retirement. The government is planning to offer such retired officers jobs on a contract basis to ensure their wellbeing.

What Are The New Provisions For Retired Govt Officers?

Government officers who retired during pandemic lockdown have been given a chance to work even after retirement on a contractual basis. These officers can serve technical positions like consultants, personal assistants, directors, etc.

Though the decision is final, its specifications like the salary that can be given to such redeemed officers are yet to be decided. Considering remuneration and allowances, the government and ministries are going to come up with an appropriate salary that can be given to contract-based appointments.

The ministries have given information to the government which will be utilised while taking a decision.

What Is The Eligibility?

There is an age limit to how long officers can take contracts after their retirement. While the retirement age for central government employees is 60 years, on a contract basis they will be allowed to work till the age of 65.

The contract-based work may not offer them all the allowance that these officers used to get before retirement. But the Department of Personnel and Training, DoPT, has formed a committee of secretaries who will look after the payment of TA-DA for employees in case they are sent on a work-related trip.

The retired employees will be allowed to take a day and a half-holiday in a month. If the service of the employee is found to be good, then their tenure can be extended by one year. But this extension cant exceed for more than 5 years after retirement.

The central government will keep on modifying the rules regarding these appointments till DoPT forms the final draftt.

What Are The Conditions Imposed To Their Salary?

It is determined that the honorarium of the contract based work will not be more than the last salary that the employee received. This includes both the pension and the salary. 

Though such employees will get a monthly salary they will not be eligible for any kind of increment. The retired employee appointed to any position will have to work for one year and get paid the same salary that is offered to that post.

KalingaTV tried to explain this scheme through an example, if an employee had received a salary of Rs 1 lakh 55 thousand 900 at the time of retirement, his basic pension would have been Rs 77 thousand 950. Now in the new contract job, he will be given a fix of Rs 77 thousand 950. The duration of this service will be one year. During this time they will not be given the benefit of increment or dearness allowance. The home allowance will also not be available.

We will keep you updated about the final decision made by the government in this regard.

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