India’s Internet Speed Is Worse Than Pakistan, Nepal! Ranks 131 Out Of 138 Countries

India’s Internet Speed Is Worse Than Pakistan, Nepal! Ranks 131 Out Of 138 Countries

We Indians may have the cheapest internet plans, but the speed that the internet plans offer is not at par at all!

In fact, a recent report has shown that plans of Indias offer a lot of data, the internet speed is lesser than that of Pakistan and Nepal. 

Read on to find out all the details!

Report Reveals India’s Internet Speed Lower Than Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka

All the telecom service providers in India offer significantly cheaper internet services to their customers. As much as 2GB of 4G data is available to us on a daily basis, at only Rs. 370 per month (approximately). However, the speed offered to us is not at all up to the mark. 

This has been revealed by the Ookla Speedtest Global Index.

Apparently, of 138 countries, India stands at a lowly 131st position in the global mobile internet speed rankings. The global average download speed is 35.26 Mbps (megabit per second), whereas that of India is only 12.07 Mbps. The global average upload speed and latency is 11.22 Mbps and 42 ms, whereas, that of India is 4.31 Mbps and the higher latency of 52 ms.

In fact, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Nepal stand at higher ranks than India. Sri Lanka stands at 102nd rank with 19.95 Mbps speed, Pakistan’s rank is 116th with 17.13 Mbps, Nepal stands at 117th position with 17.12 Mbps.

At the top of the list is South Korea, whose average mobile internet speed is 121.00 Mbps.

Do We Need Unlimited Data?

The data has shown that we don’t really require unlimited data as we rely only on the Wifi to stream heavier content such as content streaming, video calls, and video games. 

The Ookla Speedtest Global Index has also confirmed that more data doesn’t mean better internet speed. 

If you check your internet speed through a tool, you will find the speed satisfactory. However, when you actually use the net to stream high-quality content like a Youtube video at 720p or 1080p, you will find that the quality of your internet is not enough to stream a simple video.

In conclusion, it would definitely be better if telecom operators offered better quality data rather than the unlimited quantity of  data that is presently being offered to customers.

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