Airlines Offer Dinner For Rs 35,000 Inside World’s Biggest Airplane; But It Won’t Fly Anywhere!

Airlines Offer Dinner For Rs 35,000 Inside World's Biggest Airplane; But It Won't Fly Anywhere!
Airlines Offer Dinner For Rs 35,000 Inside World’s Biggest Airplane; But It Won’t Fly Anywhere!

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the airline industry the most and Singapore Airlines, probably crumbling from the pressure, turned its seats into a pop-up restaurant.

And the tarmac meals have turned out to be a huge hit! Hundreds of passengers have paid money the amount of a budget ticket only to dine inside the grounded A380 jumbos.

Singapore Airlines Turns Jumbo A380 Into Restaurants; Hundreds Of Passengers Pay Just To Dine

Singapore Airlines, in a way to deal with the sinking business, have turned one of their A380 jumbos into pop-up restaurants. Singapore Airlines has fired thousands of employees and has had to ground almost all its planes this year, and decided to go this way. 

For those who don’t know, the A380 Jumbo is the world’s biggest passenger jet.

Hundreds of people have bought airline food on the Singapore Airline, Jumbo A380, for as much as Sg$642 ($470).

All the 900 seats that were opened up for lunch on October 24 and October 25 were sold out within half an hour of bookings after its opening on Monday.

Given the huge demand for this restaurant, Singapore Airlines have announced that the restaurant will remain open for an additional two days. Also, on all the four dates, lunch and dinner will both be served.

Singapore Airlines To Offer Home Deliveries Of Airplane Food

As per reports, the restaurant’s most expensive option is a four-course meal in a first-class suite, whereas the cheapest option is priced at Sg$53, and also offers a three-course meal in economy class

The seats in business class are priced at S$321, whereas the premium economy class’ are priced at S$96.30. Also, customers can pay with frequent flyer miles.

As per reports, about half the seats will be kept vacant so that social distancing are met with to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus disease.

Additionally, Singapore Airlines has also said they will be offering home deliveries of the plane meals. However, the airline has quit on its plans for “flights to nowhere” – which offered journeys that started and ended at the same airport. 

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