5 Stunning Features Of Color OS 11 For Customizing Android 11

5 Stunning Features Of Color OS 11 For Customizing Android 11
5 Stunning Features Of Color OS 11 For Customizing Android 11

ColorOS from OPPO has over 350 million users worldwide. One of the big reasons for this considerable following is the fact that ColorOS offers several handy customizations over and above stock Android, which a lot of users prefer and enjoy.

Now, ColorOS 11 has already been announced within weeks of Google launching Android 11, and as expected, it comes with several useful customizations above what Google offers.

Superior Dark Mode

Google introduced its Dark Mode with Android 10 and added a few new features to Android 11. ColorOS went a step ahead in ColorOS 7 and delivered dark mode compatible with third-party apps. With ColorOS 11, users now have the option to customize the dark mode as per their preference.

Users can choose between three dark colour schemes, each with a different level of contrast to suit their requirements. The dark mode contrast can also be set to automatically adjust as per sunrise and sunset to deliver a viewing experience that is easy on the eyes and reduces eye fatigue.

Personalized Always-On Display

Always-on display is one of the most loved features on Android smartphones. It is a great way to keep an eye on incoming notifications with a glance without the need to switch on the screen, thereby saving battery life as well. The only downside with The always-on display is that it was not customizable.

With ColorOS 11, this limitation has been addressed as users can now create custom patterns for the always-on screen from settings. Users can drag or tap on-screen to develop patterns and save the one they like to use with the Always-on display screen.

This is a feature that no other smartphone OS offers at the moment, ensuring that your smartphone stands out from the usual crowd.

Customizable Icons & Home Screen

With ColorOS 11, users also have a lot more control over how their phone’s screen will appear.

In personalization settings (pinch two fingers on the screen to open personalization), users can now change every aspect of the screen ranging from the home screen layout to how the icons will look.

There are even customizations controls available to change the layout and appearance of the widgets, as well as the transition effects visible on screen for various actions.

ColorOS 11 also goes a step ahead and lets you use any photo to generate a custom wallpaper of different styles keeping the image and its colours as reference. Users can change their phone’s appearance as per their daily mood with just a few taps on the screen.

Your Screen, Your Colours

Uptill now, users were limited for colour choices as per their chosen theme on a smartphone, and this continues to be an issue with Android 11.

Thankfully, with ColorOS 11, users get full controls on the colour schemes of the device. Users can choose between 10 colours and five colour schemes to have their phone match their style.

Moreover, the selected colour scheme can even be applied to the smartphone’s control menu and buttons.

Users even have the control to use their colour scheme choice on the icons to get a consistent visual experience on their screen. This ensures that the device looks and feels personalized to each user.

Create Your Own Ringtone

Besides the visual experience, ColorOS 11 also gives the feature the power to create a ringtone of their own liking.

The ringtone can be made via an easy to use slide panel in settings. Users can choose from various rhythms and musical tones and adjust them in real-time to find the tone that meets their preference.

The tone can then be saved on the phone and used as a ringtone or notification tone. With most of the users of other smartphone brands sticking to the default options, ColorOS 11 makes it easy to identify your phone notifications anywhere.

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