PM Modi Only Indian Leader In TIME’s 100 Most Influential People Of 2020; Only 5 Indians In The List

PM Modi Only Indian Leader In TIME's 100 Most Influential People Of 2020; Only 5 Indians In The List
Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India waves to the crowd as he arrives to give a speech during a reception by the Indian community in honor of his visit to the United States at Madison Square Garden, Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014, in New York. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Time Magazine has released the list of 100 most influential people of 2020, and there are only 5 Indians in the list.

PM Modi is the only leader from India to have featured in this list.

Here are the 5 Indians who have been featured in this list:


PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi, who is serving the 2nd term as PM of India, is the only Indian leader featured in the list. 

Besides PM Modi, the other leaders who have been featured are: United States President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping, US 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana is the only Indian actor to be included in the list of Time’s Magazine most influential people list.

Describing the stunning rise of Ayushmann, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone said, “Where male protagonist roles often fall into the trap of stereotypical masculinity, Ayushmann has successfully and convincingly transformed into characters who challenge those very stereotypes,”

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

India-born Sundar Pichai, who is the right now CEO of Alphabet and Google has been featured as a Titan in the Time’s List of the most influential people of 2020.

Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase described him as the ideal American success story, as coming from India, being an immigrant in the USA, and then heading a $1 trillion company.


Bilkis is 82 year old protestor of Citizenship Amendment Bill, who have been sitting at the protest site, called Shaheen Bagh, ever since the proposal was brought in.

A Time magazine journalist said, “She had been sitting there ever since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government passed the Citizenship Amendment Act, which could block Muslims from citizenship in the country, in December, and she continued through the cold winter,”

Ravindra Gupta

Ravindra Gupta is a doctor, and listed as a Pioneer in the Times Magazine list.

He successfully cured a patient code named as London Patient, who later revelaed himself as Mr. Castillejo, who said, “My improbable journey to a functional HIV cure, led by Professor Ravindra Gupta, commenced during a very tempestuous period of my life. But when I was first introduced to Gupta, I was pleasantly surprised.”  

Mr. Castillejo is only the 2nd person to be cured of HIV.

You can find the full list here.

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