First Look Of New Rs 20 Coin Is Out: When Can You Get It?

First Look Of New Rs 20 Coin Is Out: When Can You Get It?
First Look Of New Rs 20 Coin Is Out: When Can You Get It?

Recently we saw the new Rs 20 coin, which was shared by a Redditor on India sub-reddit.

The shape is not doubt the USP of this new Rs 20 coin.

But the big question: When can you get to have this new Rs 20 coin?

New Rs 20 Coin: First Look

Here is the 1st look of the Rs 20 coin, as shared by a Reddior.

New Rs 20 Coin: First Look
New Rs 20 Coin: First Look


As we can see, the design is unique, since it’s a 12-edged polygon (dodecagon), which is having a diameter of 27 millimeters, and weight of 8.54 grams.

The combination of the metal used in this coin is also different.

While the outer ring has 15% zinc, along with 20% nickel, the inner circle, also known as the centre piece, has 75% copper, 20% zinc and just 5% nickel to make it more durable and usable in rough conditions.

Ashoka Pillar along with “Satyamev Jayate” is inscribed in the reverse section in the centre, whereas “Bharat” is inscribed in the left periphery of the coin, and the right periphery has “India” written.

The front section has Rs 20 written in Devnagri script and English language (Rupees Twenty)

The grains and the water depicted in the front section highlights India’s strength in the agriculture sector and natural resources.

This new Rs 20 coin is the highest denomination coin as of now in India.

When Can You Get This New Coin?

This new Rs 20 coin was introduced last year in the month of March, and at that time, Govt had informed that it will come under circulation by May, 2020.

However, due to the coronavirus impact, and the subsequent lockdowns, the circulation was delayed.

It’s expected that the new Rs 20 coin will be introduced by banks very soon, and ensure that it’s circulated uniformly, across the nation.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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