Govt Banks Start Home Delivery Of Banking Services; Get Cash At Your Home!

Govt Banks Start Home Delivery Of Banking Services; Get Cash At Your Home!

Govt Banks Start Home Delivery Of Banking Services; Get Cash At Your Home!

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in order to facilitate convenient banking, the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has rolled out a doorstep banking services initiative by public sector banks (PSBs) 

This initiative come under the EASE—Enhanced Access and Service Excellence—reforms that the Department of Financial Services undertook in 2018.

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What You Need to Know About The Doorstep Banking Service!

The Finance Ministry also said that there are over 4 crores, active customers, availing mobile and internet banking. The figures state that there has been a 140% increase in financial transactions through mobile and internet banking and an almost 50% increase in transactions through digital channels. 

Wherever you are in India, you can bank when sitting at home by contacting the bank’s call centers, web portal, and mobile app. This service will be particularly helpful for senior citizens and ‘Divyangs’.

The doorstep banking agents appointed by select service providers from across 100 centers will cater to this service.

According to guidelines from the RBI, banks should offer picking of cash and instruments and dropping of demand drafts.

The financial services would be made available from October and these will have a nominal charge attached to them. 

What Services Can You Avail From This Initiative?

Through these mediums, the customers would also be able to carry out some non-financial services like

  1. Track service requests 
  2. Pick up of cheque, demand draft (DD), pay order,
  3. Pick up new chequebook requisition slip, 
  4. 15G/15H forms, 
  5. IT/GST challan, 
  6. Request for account statement, 
  7. Delivery of non-personalized chequebook, 
  8. Delivery of term deposit receipt, acknowledgment, 
  9. Delivery of TDS/Form 16 certificate issuance, 
  10. Delivery of prepaid instrument, gift card.

What Does the Government Have to Say?

The doorstep banking services initiative was inaugurated at a virtual event and was attended by the Secretary of Department of Financial Services Debasish Panda and Chairman of IBA Rajnish Kumar.

The finance minister at this event said, “At this stage, the catalysts for economic revival, the catalysts who have the pulse of every one of their customers, are banks.” She added, “Banks need to introspect on their core businesses.”

“PSBs have adopted tech-enabled, smart banking in all areas, setting up retail and MSME Loan Management Systems for reduced loan turnaround time and and TReDS for digital lending. PSBs have instituted real-time visibility to retail and MSME customers on the status of their loans. Most branch-based services are now accessible from home and mobile, including in local languages,” said Sitharam.

Finance Ministry also said that banks must reach out to those areas where banking has not reached yet and that bank employees should be aware of the details of government schemes that the bank has to implement.

A few years ago RBI had prescribed this initiative for the elderly and Divyangs to make banking easy for them as they find it difficult to visit bank branches.

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