Hiring For Govt Jobs Will Stop? No New Govt Jobs? Here’s Official Clarification

The Ministry of Finance responds on the circular issued by Department of Expenditure, on Congress backlash.
The Ministry of Finance responds on the circular issued by Department of Expenditure, on Congress backlash.

Some days back, the Department of Expenditure, a body under the Ministry of Finance released a circular, which spoke about a segment of jobs in it.

Taking it as an opportunity, the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi hit the Centre over the issue and alleged that the Centre wanted to rid India off all the govenrment posts, driving the privatisation drives.

He demaded the Centre to withdraw the circular, saying that it speaks about ‘freeze’ on new government posts.

To this, the Ministry of Finance replied via a tweet on Sept 4.

What was the Circular about?

The Department of Expenditure released a circular, stating a ban on some non-developmental expenditures, in order to:

“ensure availability of adequate resources for meeting the needs of critical priority schemes.”

There were approvals from the Department of Expenditure, in Ministries/Departments, Attached Offices, Subordinate Offices, Statutory Bodies and Autonomous Bodies. 

Sources have claimed that it was the Prime Minister’s advice to  the Ministry of Finance, to cut down some costs, in order to ensure that enough resources were being allocated and directed towards investment in key sectors.

What was Congress’ Backlash About?

Replying to this circular posted by the Department of Expenditure, Rahul Gandhi from Congress brought it up to the internet, alleging the Centre to ‘freeze’ creating of new posts and demanded to withdraw the circular.

He also urged the Government to provide jobs amidst the increasing unemployment levels in the country.

He also backlashed and alledged the government of having a mentality of promoting privatisation over government jobs.

In fact, Congress leader Rajeev Shukla said directly blamed the government directly by saying that according to the circular, government positions and new jobs will not be created.

Ministry of Finance’s Response and Clarification

Commenting on Congress’s backlash on Department of Expenditure’s circular, the Finance Ministry tweeted a detailed response on the matter on September 4.

It clarified that the circular’s motive and intention was to reduce and cut down on official spending amid an economic crisis, which would in no way affect or reduce recruitment for government jobs.

The tweet read:

“The Department of Expenditure circular dated September 4, 2020, deals with internal procedure for creation of posts and does not in anyway affect or curtail recruitment.

Normal recruitments through government agencies like Staff Selection Commission, UPSC, Railway Recruitment Board, etc. will continue as usual without any curbs.”

The ministry has issued the instructions on expenditure management with a view to improving the quality of public expenditure, containing non-developmental spending and ensuring availability of adequate resources for critical priority schemes.

Source: News18

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