Delhi Metro Starts From Sep 7, No Tokens Allowed; Unlock 4.0 Starts (What’s Not Allowed?)

Delhi Metro Starts From Sep 7, No Tokens Allowed; Unlock 4.0 Starts (What's Not Allowed?)
Delhi Metro Starts From Sep 7, No Tokens Allowed; Unlock 4.0 Starts (What’s Not Allowed?)

The nation is gradually going back to the pre-lockdown stage while fighting the COVID-19 disease which is evident from the unlock phases that the Government is introducing. 

Another important news which is a part of this unlocking procedure, Unlock 4.0, is the restart of the Delhi Metro, after a solid gap of five months. 

Yes, the Delhi Metro will soon be resuming operations with a strict guidelines in place to curb further spreading of the deadly disease that has claimed the lives of many. 

Also, the Government has announced some guidelines for Unlock 4.0. Find out what is allowed, and what’s not, right here!

Delhi Metro To Restart From September 7: New A/C System, Mandatory Smart Cards, No Tokens, Etc.

Delhi Metro will be restarting operations from September 7 and the severe restrictions that have been issued by the Delhi government suggest that there will be a complete ban on tokens for the train ride, and smart cards will be made mandatory for everyone. 

Additionally, there will be a limited number of passengers in each compartment or coach of the metro. as per reports this number has been limited to 300 to 350. Also, alternate seats will have to be used by the passengers. 

The Delhi Transport minister Kailash Gahlot has revealed that the air conditioning system will also be renovated in a way that maximum amount of fresh air is circulated inside the train. the temperature of the air conditioner inside the trains will be set at 26 degrees celsius. 

He has also said that not all metro stations will be reopened; instead, the reopening will happen in phases. This means that the metro will not halt at every station. 

Social distancing and thermal checking will happen at every station and hand sanitizer will also be provided to the passengers. Security personnel will also verify if the passengers have the Aarogya Setu app installed on their phone. Modified hand-held metal detectors will be used to check passengers from a distance. 

Unlock 4.0: What Is Not Allowed?

The government has also issued new guidelines for the 4th phase of unlocking. In this phase, there will be no restrictions on the movement of people and goods interstate or intrastate. 

No separate permissions or e permits will be required anymore. Open theatres will also be allowed to open from September 21. Social/academic/sports/entertainment/cultural/religious/ political functions & other congregations will be allowed, with a cap of 100 persons. 

Schools, colleges, educational, and coaching institutions will be closed for students. However, 50% of teaching and non-teaching staff may be called to the schools for online teaching, or tele-counseling and other related work. This is not applicable to containment zones. 

In containment zones, lockdown will continue till September 30th. 

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