H1B Visa Holders Stuck In India Now Allowed To Enter USA; Consulates Relax Visa Rules

USCIS allows H-1B visa holders and their dependents to enter the U.S., only under specific conditions.
USCIS allows H-1B visa holders and their dependents to enter the U.S., only under specific conditions.

This is a mild relief observed in the stringent rules of the US immigration services

A new set of guidelines have been issued by the US Department of States (DOS), as per which non-immigrant visa holders are allowed to now enter the United States, under specific conditions.

Let’s learn more about these conditions.

USCIS Finally Allows Non-Immigrant Visa Holders into the U.S.

As mentioned, the immigration body of the United States, USCIS issued a set of new guidelines, which allow certain visa holders to enter into the U.S., on satisfying certain conditions, starting August 17.

If you remember, the Trump administration had issued an executive order on June 22, suspending and putting a temporary ban on any immigration services in the U.S.

Visa holders, non-immigrant visa holders (like H-1B, H 4B) and other immigration services, were all put on hold until the end of this year, to limit the spread of coronavirus into the U.S.

This brought a lot of problems to the Indians stranded in the U.S. and vice-versa, who were away from their families in such times of pandemic.

However, after countless request letters to both, the Indian as well as American governments, from visa holders, USCIS has finally decided to let in some visa holders into the U.S., under specific conditions.

Who all are Allowed into the U.S. Now?

Some of these ‘specific’ conditions involve:

  •  H-1B visa holders are allowed, among others.
  • These individuals will only be allowed into the U.S. if they join the same company/employer they were working in/for, before coming to India.
  • Visa holders are also allowed in the U.S., if their service is towards the welfare of the United States, or critical areas, like healthcare.
  • If, in case a person wants to enter the U.S. but not under the same employer, i.e., with another company, however in a senior position, they are entered into the U.S. only if they can prove that their service in the U.S. is necessary.
  • This above condition is rather ambiguous, as there have been reports that some employees in a similar condition, despite having a letter from the U.S. employer, aren’t allowed into the country, due to their inability in proving their service ‘necessary’.
  • The scope of ‘necessary’ service must be clarified from USCIS’ end.
  • Dependents of such H-1B visa holders, like H-4 visa holders, or other visa holders are also allowed.

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