Accenture Is Firing 10,000 Employees In India: Which Employees Will Lose Jobs?

Accenture Is Firing 10,0000 Employees In India: Which Employees Will Lose Jobs?
Accenture Is Firing 10,0000 Employees In India: Which Employees Will Lose Jobs?

Confirmed reports are coming in that IT major Accenture is all set to fire 5% of their workforce, and this means that 10,000 employees in India will be fired.

Which employees will be targeted first? Which employees can lose their jobs?

Keep reading to find out more.

Accenture Will Fire 10,000 Employees In India

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) has reported that during an internal team meeting in mid-August, Accenture CEO Julie Sweet revealed that 5% of their global workforce can be asked to leave the company.

Accenture has 5 lakh employees globally, and if 5% of the employees are fired, then this means that 25,000 employees will be asked to leave.

Out of 5 lakh, 2 lakh employees from Accenture are in India.

Hence, once 5% is applied to India, then 10,000 employees face termination in India.

Accenture CEO said, “In a normal year, we transition out about 5% and we hire to replace them, because we are in a demand scenario. Right now, we’re not in a demand scenario, so if we manage out the same percentage of people and don’t replace them, it allows us to continue to invest and preserve some people who have lower chargeability for when the market comes back.”

Which Indian Employees Face Termination?

When TOI asked Accenture’s India management about possible layoffs in India, and which employees will be targeted, they responded.

As per Accenture India, employees with worst performance score will be the ones who will be asked to leave first.

In a statement, Accenture India said, “Every year, as part of our performance process, we have conversations with our people about how they are performing, areas for improvement, their potential to progress, and whether they are a long-term fit for Accenture. This year, across all parts of our business and all career levels, we will identify approximately 5% of our people as our lowest performers, and these individuals will transition out of Accenture. This is consistent with our actions each year.”

Hence, here is the summary: Accenture asks, on an average, 5% of their employees every year to leave, based on performances. But unlike every year, they won’t hire more employees, since demand is low.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates.

If you are an Accenture employee from India, and have any news and development regarding this, please do let us know.

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