Retired Govt Employees To Be Hired On Contract; Salary, Benefits, Age Limit Finalized

Retired Govt Employees To Be Hired On Contract; Salary, Benefits, Age Limit Finalized
Retired Govt Employees To Be Hired On Contract; Salary, Benefits, Age Limit Finalized

As per reports the contractual appointment of retired Central government officials will be modified as new draft norms have been floated by the government. 

The absence of any guidelines has been identified by the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance. 

What will the new guidelines be? Read on to find out!

Remuneration Guidelines Drafted For Retired Central Government Officials

Draft norms have been floated for the remuneration of contractual appointment of retired Central government officials.  

As per reports, the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance have noted that there are no guidelines at present and there is the need to inculcate uniformity regarding the regulation of salary for contractual employees. The departments and ministries of such employees have been asked to submit their replies to this within 10 days. 

The memorandum states, “It has been felt that there is a need to have uniformity to regulate the salary of such contractual appointment of retired central government employees.”

The remuneration of contractual Central Government officials appointed through nomination basis would be decided after deducting pension from their last drawn salary at the time of their retirement. Whereas the people who have been appointed through open market will be given remuneration as per the terms and conditions that are included in the contract with no pension deduction separately. 

If there is a predetermined uniform salary structure in place for the retired Central government officials, it will pave the way for officials to work with an incentive towards that contractual appointment even while working in the government. this will also affect the chances of officials that are employed at a lower scale

As per the 6th Pay Commission, any serving government employee that has been appointed as a member will be considered retired and be given the same package. The package would be higher if the employee has not worked in the concerned sector in the previous two years. The new guidelines drafted will be opposing the 6th Pay Commission guidelines about fixing the appointment of retired government officers as members of any regulatory body except the RBI. 

Age Limit, Pay Range, Benefits Finalised By DoPT

If any serving Chairman/Member wants to be paid the higher package they will have to resign from the post and take a chance with being re selected. If they are selected, they will be eligible for the higher package; however  the period of 2 years will not be applicable.

The current instructions of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) state that a person cannot be re employed if if he is beyond the superannuation age of 60 years. And if he is employed again then the modified Central  Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016, will be applicable wherein the pay plus gross pension after re-employment will not cross the Rs. 2.25 lakh per month. this is the pay level 17 which is applicable to the level of a secretary to the government

The draft guidelines also suggest that there should be a gap of 5 years after a person reaches 60 for re-employment. Also, the initial term of appointment for a retired government employee who is nominated will be one year in the beginning and then would be extended by 2 years and further. This will depend on the employee’s performance and no increments or dearness allowance will be e offered to the employee during the term of the contract. 

The term of appointment of those employees who have been appointed on an open market basis will be capped at 5 years after superannuation. 

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