Netflix Scam: Your Credit Card Can Be Hacked & Misused! Don’t Do This..

Netflix Scam: Your Credit Card Can Be Hacked & Misused! Don't Do This..
Netflix Scam: Your Credit Card Can Be Hacked & Misused! Don’t Do This..

A new Netflix threat has come to light now, discovered by a security provider Armorblox. As per reports, this is an attack that is able to full users convincingly to share their credit card details. 

Netflix Online Scam Making People Share Credit Card Information 

Cloud security provider Armorblox has detected a new threat that manages to convince the users of Netflix to share their crucial details including credit card information. 

This threat is in the form of a phishing email, which claims to be from Netflix Support bypass email filters and and is not easily detected by email security controls.

As per a blog by Armorblox, a link takes the user to a functioning CAPTCHA page that comes with a Netflix branding. If you fill in the correct CAPTCHA, you will be led to an artificial site that looks a lot like Netflix, where your personal information will be stolen. This information includes login credentials, billing address information, and credit card details.

Fake Emails Circulated With Duplicate URL Of Netflix: All Details Of Netflix Scam

This new attack on Netflix was first detected about a few weeks ago when the above emails were first found in customers’ inboxes. The title of this email is “Notice of Verification Failure” and it asks users to verify their personal information within 24 hours or else face cancellation of their Netflix account.

Once scamsters have stolen your details, you will not be aware of anything. Armorblox says, “Once the phishing flow was complete, targets were redirected to the real Netflix home page, none the wiser about being compromised.”

As per reports, the Netflix email was able to fool people and get past the security controls because it was different to most of the attacks by using phishing. Apparently, the CAPTCHA page adds to the authenticity of the whole fraud.

But the scam was detected easily; despite the site seeming genuine, there are several links, such as “need help” or “Sign up now”. If you click on these links, the page only reloads. Another way that the scam was detected was the URL. Once you load this page, the URL you see will be, instead of

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