QR Code E-passes Compulsory For All Mumbai Local Passengers: How It Works, How To Get e-Pass?

QR Code E-passes Compulsory For All Mumbai Local Passengers: How It Works, How To Get e-Pass?
QR Code E-passes Compulsory For All Mumbai Local Passengers: How It Works, How To Get e-Pass?

To ensure social distancing in the locals, the Maharashtra government has issued an order saying the Mumbai suburban trains will only allow essential workers with a QR code-based e-pass and a valid train ticket to board the trains from July 30.

Why Would This Happen?

From tomorrow, the state government had issued a circulation making a QR code-based pass mandatory for all essential service passengers to travel by local trains in Mumbai.

According to this circular, “An electronic QR based e-pass along with a valid railway ticket is mandatory to travel in the local suburban services from July 30. This ensures nobody barring from essential services travels in local trains,”.

How Does The QR Code-based E-pass System Work?

To implement this new QR code-based e-pass system, which will be effective from identity cards with QR codes will be provided to each government employee.

So far, the QR code generated e-pass was placed as a pivotal point for travel in the Mumbai locals but this digital system took almost a month to set up since the trains had resumed function since June 15. 

Currently, essential workers were showing their ID cards at station entry points to board the trains due to the absence of an operational QR code system.

Now the state government has asked commuters to approach the human resources (HR) department of their organizations to apply for them as the passes will be mandatory from July 30, for workers to commute by local trains.

The main goal behind the implementation of this system by the Maharashtra government is to ensure that railway services are strictly restricted to essential workers like state and central government staffers, police, bank staffers and health workers.

How To Get A QR Code Pass To Travel In Mumbai Local Trains?

Let’s go through the step by step representation of the application process.

Step -1

Firstly, the HR head of the organization may select authorized personnel with a list of their employees in the prescribed format.

Step – 2

Next, this list had to be submitted to the IT cell of the Police Commissioner’s Office before July 27.

Step – 3 

They should also have the soft and hard copy to have the basic information of individuals including an official ID number, address, department and the days on which the employee needs to travel.

Step – 4

After registration of this information, the employees will get an SMS to a web link.

Step – 5

By clicking on the web-link, the employees will be able to add the required details and resubmit the form to the nodal authorities.

Step – 6

Once nodal authorities complete the approval, QR codes will be generated for the employees.

Step – 7

After getting the QR code, the essential workers will have to get the QR codes scanned at the entry points of the stations.

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