US Govt Suspending H1B Visa For 2020? 6 Facts You Should Know Right Now

US Govt Suspending H1B Visa For 2020? 6 Facts You Should Know Right Now
US Govt Suspending H1B Visa For 2020? 6 Facts You Should Know Right Now

In a move which will impact thousands of H1B visa applicants in India, and other nations, US Govt can suspend all H1B visa for 2020.

Here are 5 things you should know right now:

Is US Govt Suspending H1B Visa?

There has no official announcement regarding the suspension of H1B visa, but as per reports coming in, Trump administration is considering this move.

They are consulting with recruiters, technical firms which employ H1B visa holders, and a decision will be taken very soon.

Why US Govt Can Suspend H1B Visa?

Around 30 crore Americans are unemployed right now, and people are worried over there in the US over job loss. The scale of job loss in the last 10-11 weeks is even more than that of the recession of 1930s, and the US Govt is under tremendous pressure to make a move to safeguard the jobs of the locals.

However, around 25 lakh new jobs have been generated last month, as the unemployment rate has decreased by 1.5% to reach 13.3% in May. 

But this is not enough it seems.

Which Job Visas Can Be Suspended

Along with H1B visa, US Govt is considering to suspend other job visas such as H-2B visa for short-term seasonal workers, J1 visa for short term workers incuding camp councelers, and L-1 visa for internal job transfers.

Who Will Be Impacted WIth H1B Visa Is Suspended

All new applicants, who have successfully applied for the job visas in the US will be impacted by the possible suspension.

All existing visa holders who are right now in the US won’t be impacted.

When This Suspension Will Be Applied

As per the Washington Post, suspension of work visas, including H1B visa can be extended till October, 2020, the time when most of the H1B visas are given.

This will severely impact the job prospects of H1B visa holders, and tech firms who are relying on the job visas to get their employees into the US.

Will H1B Visa Suspension Actually Help Americans?

As per US Chambers of Commerce CEO Thomas Donohue, suspending H1B and other job visas can actually backfire.

Since the American economy is opening up, and businesses are starting to pick-up, US firms will need more and more employees, both short term and long term.

Under this scenario, suspension of H1B visa doesnt make sense.

He wrote to President Trump: “As the economy rebounds, American businesses will need assurances that they can meet all their workforce needs. To that end, it is crucial that they have access to talent both domestically and from around the world,”

US immigration for almost everyone is right now banned, with few exceptions like healthcare workers and agriculture-based employees.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 


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