This Is How Oyo Employees Are Helping Their Fired Colleagues To Get Jobs

This Is How Oyo Employees Are Helping Their Fired Colleagues To Get Jobs
This Is How Oyo Employees Are Helping Their Fired Colleagues To Get Jobs

Things are grim at Oyo Rooms. Almost 20% of the workforce at Oyo Rooms is getting fired, as the company is now fiercely looking at cutting costs, and increasing revenues, using technology and lean business methods.

Amidst this chaos, Oyo employees who are still working, have decided to help fired employees getting jobs.

And this heartwarming gesture is inviting praises from all around.

Oyo Employee’s Linkedin Post Gets Viral

After news about Oyo firing 2400 employees gained momentum, an Oyo employee named Jasmit Singh decided to do something about this.

He posted on Linkedin, asking for help from everyone to relocate fired Oyo employees.

He stated that the fired Oyo employees are good in their respective jobs, and they need help.

His post stated: “These candidates are brilliant with their work! well trained, street smart, well oiled with go-getter attitude. They would be a perfect fit in a challenging environment, like real estate, retail, e-commerce, fmcg in areas of sales, operations and marketing.”

Soon, this post went viral and received more than 5200 likes and 1400+ comments, wherein random Linkedin users offered help and assistance to get these terminated employees new jobs. Thousands of jobs were offered, and connections were made in this post.

Jasmit is currently working as Head- Enterprise Sales at Oyo Rooms, and was earlier working with TCS, Samsung and Vodafone.

The gesture and the determination to assist terminated employees have won everyone’s heart.

Desperate Times At Oyo Rooms

Softbank-backed Oyo Rooms is right now undergoing some desperate times, as employees are getting fired from sales, operations, HR and other departments. Various business verticals such as Oyo Home, Oyo Townhouse, Oyo Life, Collection O, Silver Key have been consolidated into one, thereby pushing for more job loss.

While 20% of all Indian employees are getting fired, mass layoffs have also been announced in China. Their Japanese JV with Yahoo is already closed.

Oyo CEO for India and South Asia, Rohit Kapoor, in an interview has said that these layoffs are one-time incidence, and soon, it will be over. 

He said, “This is not easy for us, for the employees impacted and we completely recognise that. Yes, there are roles that will become redundant as the company drives tech-enabled synergies…”

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates.

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