Every Uber Ride Will Need A Password Now; Riders, Drivers Can Record Audio Of The Trip

Uber Launches Three New Safety Features
Uber Launches Three New Safety Features

Today, with the intention of enhancing its services, Uber has announced that they are planning to launch three new safety features in India. 

Uber is quite late to the party, as its competitor, Ola has already launched two of these features in its app.

What are the three new safety features launched by Uber? Find out all the details right here!


Uber Launches Three New Safety Features For India

One of the new features is where Uber will intervene if there is a prolonged and unplanned stop in the middle of a ride, another one is where Uber will introduce a four-digit code for verifying the driver and the ride. Both these features have already been launched in the US, and will be available in India starting today, as declared by company executives at a press event in New Delhi. 

Apart from that, Uber has also enabled drivers and riders to record the conversations in case of any discomfort. 

Sachin Kansal, who is the senior director of Global Safety Products at Uber, said that the company is working on these features and testing them in various markets on a global scale.

He said, “Privacy is incredibly important for Uber and all these tools are designed keeping that in mind. We will continue to refine these technologies so we can help make every ride a 5-star experience for all.”

Ride Check

This feature is called Ride Check, and will be activated if there is a long, unexpected stop or any other discrepancies during a journey. After automatically detecting this through the driver’s smartphone, Uber will get in touch with both the rider and the driver to ensure smooth functioning. Ola , too, has been testing a similar feature, and it is called ‘The Guardian’.

Four-digit Authentication Process

While Ola has introduced this particular feature long back, Uber has had the good sense to provide a four-digit authentication code to make sure that the passenger has boarded the correct cab.

Recording Audio Of Ride For Both Riders And Drivers

This feature allows drivers and passengers to make a recording of the entire trip and send it to Uber if they feel uncomfortable during a ride. This feature hasn’t been launched in India yet, but it will be made available for testing in the country later this year.

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