Future iPhones Will Not Have A Charging Port; Apple Aims 100% Wireless iPhones

Apple Aims 100% Wireless iPhones
Apple Aims 100% Wireless iPhones

After banishing the headphone jack, Apple is now on the way of banishing the charging port on the iPhone as well. 

This means that the possibility of a phone without a charging port is not very far off in the future.

Apple is planning on making the charging of the new phones totally wireless, and it might be here in less than two years, i.e., in 2021. 

Let’s find out more about Apple’s plans of introducing phones with the innovative wireless charging right here!

Apple To Banish Charging Port And Introduce Wireless Charging Phones 

TF International Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who is known for his Apple product predictions, has revealed that Apple might soon introduce a new iPhone without its regular Lightning charging port. 

Kuo has said that there would be a new iPhone by Apple that would “provide the completely wireless experience”, and no charging port on the phone which has been present on the iPhones since 2012. 

Apparently, Apple will launch these phones in 2021, as revealed by the analyser. Kuo hasn’t given out many details about the upcoming phone, not even the name of the phone. However, he said that the phone that will be launched in 2021 will belong to the family of the iPhone 13.

Apple To Launch iPhone SE Without Face ID Feature

Kuo also revealed that the leading smartphone manufacturing brand will launch another version of its iPhone SE, which was known for its affordability, in 2021. This particular variant will have an edge to edge screen and will not have the traditional Face ID. 

Apple hasn’t launched a new version of this budget oriented iPhone SE, which cost $400 since 2016. But now there is news that the company might launch the sequel to this phone in 2020. 

When Apple removed the headphone jack on the iPhone, the company was met with huge criticism, and seems to think that the wireless charging port might be a success too. Apple was the one who shifted away from the floppy disk drive with its iMac G3 in 1998 and picked the CD-ROM drive. 

Once Apple launches a phone that works on wireless charging, its not difficult for the other phone companies to implement the same technology in their phones too.

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