Fake Xiaomi Products Continue To Grow: 6 Ways You Can Spot A Fake Xiaomi Product

Fake Xiaomi Products Continue To Grow: 6 Ways You Can Spot A Fake Xiaomi Product
Fake Xiaomi Products Continue To Grow: 6 Ways You Can Spot A Fake Xiaomi Product

India’s largest smartphone and accessories brand Xiaomi is facing a typical problem every tech company does after some point of time, fake and duplicates. Fake Xiaomi products are on the rise, and the copies could be difficult to spot at times.

The company has released a statement addressing counterfeit products, and here’s how you can spot them.

Xiaomi is very popular in the country, and they are in demand almost all the time. Whenever the company fails to  meet the demand, the market of fake Xiaomi products get an opportunity to scoop in.

Here’s how you can spot fake Xiaomi products.


Quality & Sign: Spotting A Fake Mi Power Bank

There are multiple counterfeit Mi Power Banks available in the market. Don’t use any unknown or unreliable e-commerce site to buy online. Even reliable sites could be at times risky as some sellers replace them with the fake ones. The easy way to spot a fake Mi Powerbank is by looking for the original sign.

The original Mi batteries come with the sign saying of Li-Poly batteries which confirms an original product. If it’s Li-ion or Li-oin on the battery, it’s fake.  

Logo Check: Mi Fake Product 

Look for the original Mi Logo on the Xiaomi product. If you look closely, you will see that the Mi logo is quite different on the fake products than that of the original ones. The fake Mi products have the logos a little different, but they aren’t original.

It could be a little difficult to spot at times, so make sure you do it properly. 

Fake Mi Cables: Poor Build Quality

The most easy to copy products are USB cables. There are a ton of unauthorized USB cables available in the market which are absolutely fake, and could be harmful for your smartphones as well. You can spot a fake Mi cable by checking their build quality.

The fake Mi cables are quite flimsy and can break off easily, and at times doesn’t support fast charging at all.

Fake Mi Band: How To Spot Fake Mi Band?

Xiaomi is currently the largest wearable brand in the country. All the Mi Bands are very popular, and most of the time in demand. You can spot fake Mi bands and counterfeit Xiaomi fitness products by seeing if they support the official Mi Fit app.

If your Mi Band isn’t compatible with Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app, it’s probably fake. Do note, at times original bands fail to support the app due to firmware incompatibility.

Backup Check: Look For Product’s ‘Security Code’

The safest way to check whether a Xiaomi product is fake or not is to look up for the security code online. As any other brand, Xiaomi also has all its products with unique codes, and all the security codes are listed on the official Xiaomi site.

Check up for the product’s ‘security code’ on mi.com to confirm the originality.

Check Packaging: How To Find A Fake Mi Product?

Look for the packaging and quality of the retail box by visiting any Mi Home or Mi Store. Often the fake Xiaomi products have poor packaging on the out, making them easy to identify.

You can look up for the packaging on either the official Mi site or visit any Mi Store to confirm.

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