Get FASTags For Free: How To Get It, And What Is The Catch Here?

Get FASTags For Free: How To Get It, And What Is The Catch Here?
Get FASTags For Free: How To Get It, And What Is The Catch Here?

In order to implement a swift and fast implementation of FASTags across all vehicles, Govt. of India has initiated a free offer: Now, every driver can get a free FASTag for their vehicle.

How To Get Free FASTags?

Any driver can visit the nearest toll plaza or RTO office to get their free FASTags. 

Rs 150 deposit for buying a FASTag has also been waived off by the Govt. However, once the FASTag has been purchased, the user will need to link their bank account to top up it, and to pay tolls electronically.

What Is The Catch Here?

This free offer for FASTags has been started from November 22nd, and will end at December 1st.

At a conference, Nitin Gadkari,Road Transport and Highways Minister confirmed this, as he said, “Between Thursday (November 21) and December 1, you can get the FASTags for free,”, adding, “We cannot say what will happen after December 2,” 

This clearly indicates that after December 1st, the FASTags would be chargeable.

Govt. has allocated a budget of Rs 150-200 crore for offering free FASTags for all vehicles.

How Will This Benefit All?

Starting December 1st, FASTags are compulsory for all vehicles, and in case anyone doesn’t have this tag, then they will be required to pay double the amount.

As of now, almost 40% of the toll taxes collected at toll plazas are generated via FASTags, and electronic medium.

Hence, once this free offer has been rolled out to encourage more and more riders get FASTags, and embrace electronic mode of payments.

Around 550 toll plazas as of now are RFID enabled, which supports FASTags.

As of now, FASTags are sold across 28,000 locations and touch-points.

Here is more information on FASTags: What they are, how they work, and what are the charges under toll plazas for various kinds of vehicles, to be charged under FASTags.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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