Infosys Will Fire Thousands In India, But Hires 500 Americans In Indiana, US

Infosys Will Fire Thousands In India, But Hires 500 Americans In Indiana, US
Infosys Will Fire Thousands In India, But Hires 500 Americans In Indiana, US

Amidst layoff news coming in from all quarters, Infosys has now announced that they have already hired 500 Americans in Indiana, US, and promised to hire more Americans.

In India, as per some reports, Infosys has declared that thousands of mid-level employees will be fired.

Approximately 12,000 Indians face terminations, although Infosys has played down this layoff and termed this as ordinary non-voluntary attrition.

Is increased American hiring a reason for increased firing in India?

Infosys: Yes, We Hired 500 In Indiana, US Since March 2018

In a recent statement (issued to please American Govt?), Infosys has announced that since March, 2018, they have hired 500 employees in their Indiana campus.

Infosys has recently opened their Technology and Innovation Hub in Indiana, and have promised to hire 3000 employees, by end of 2023.

In fact, recently, Infosys hosted Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb, and several other local leaders for a `beam signing ceremony’ for celebrating a key milestone in the construction of its US Education Center in Indianapolis.

In their statement, Infosys said, “Infosys also announced the hiring of over 500 American workers in Indiana since March 2018. The US Education Center will be a state-of-the-art training campus and residential center for Infosys employees,”

They have announced that soon, Infosys will revamp a 55-acre site which is located on the grounds of the old Indianapolis airport terminal, and create world class campus there.

Infosys Is Firing Thousands Of Indian Employees

At the same time, here in India where Infosys was born, and became so big, they have announced that thousands of employees will be fired in the coming days.

Initially, media reports speculated that more than 12,000 employees in India can be asked to leave.

However, later, Infosys clarified that no numbers were shared, related to the layoffs, but confirmed that senior and mid-level employees will be targeted for this layoff.

The objective here is to save money. By firing thousands of employees, Infosys aims to save Rs 1000 crore.

In their clarification, Infosys had said, “There are 21 tracks we are looking at for cost-optimisation. We are targeting USD 100-150 million in cost savings as the year goes on,”

Yesterday, T V Mohandas Pai, who was earlier a Board of Member in Infosys had predicted that the IT industry can let go off of 40,000 employees, in the coming days.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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