Big Bazaar Slapped With Rs 11,000 Fine For Charging Rs 18 For Cloth Bag (#ConsumerAlert)

Big Bazaar Slapped With Rs 11,000 Fine For Charging Rs 18 For Cloth Bag (#ConsumerAlert)
Big Bazaar Slapped With Rs 11,000 Fine For Charging Rs 18 For Cloth Bag (#ConsumerAlert)

These days, a new trend has come up in almost every big supermarket and hypermarket: The cashier informs that you need to pay extra for a carry bag, and if you don’t have any other option to carry items, then you are compelled to buy that.

But now, things can change.

Future Group owned Big Bazaar has been slapped with a fine of Rs 11,000 for charging Rs 18 from two customers, for a cloth bag.

This can set a new precedent in consumer rights and protection movement across India.

Big Bazaar Told Customer To Buy Cloth Bag For Rs 18

In Panchukla district of Harayana, Baldev Raj had visited Big Bazaar on March 20th this year.

After selecting the products, and adding them to the cart, he went to the cashier to pay the bill.

Like thousands of other customers, Big Bazaar cashier informed him that if he doesn’t have a bag to carry the items, then he will need to buy one.

But unlike others, he refused to pay. The cashier informed him that this is the ‘rule’, and has been mentioned in the store.

Then, Baldev Raj decided to file a complaint with Consumer Forum. 

Another customer was also charged for the same carry bag, and he also filed a complaint.

Consumer Forum Responds

The complaint was filed as Baldev Raj thought that there is deficiency in service and unfair trade practice, involved here.

And the Consumer Court has agreed to the complaints filed.

District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum of Panchkula has ordered Big Bazaar to pay a fine for Rs 11,000 in this case.

While Rs 10,000 shall go to the Consumer Legal Aid Account, which helps the needy clients, Rs 1,518 will be paid to the complainant, Baldev Raj.

In their ruling, the Forum said, “The Opposite Party has several stores across the country and in the above said manner made a lot of money, thus… forcing the gullible consumers to pay additionally for the carry bags (which) surely and certainly amounts to deficiency in service and… unfair trade practice,”

Besides, the Forum also observed that the complainant faced “not only loss, mental agony and physical harassment..”

Now, this case is really interesting, as it can cause a precedent across India, for all other hypermarkets and supermarkets, which charge anything from Rs 5 to Rs 20 for selling such bags.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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