Pune Woman Robbed Of Rs 1.53 Lakh By Scamsters Offering Free SUV Via ‘Lucky Draw’

Pune Woman Robbed Of Rs 1.53 Lakh By Scamsters Offering Free SUV Via 'Lucky Draw'
Pune Woman Robbed Of Rs 1.53 Lakh By Scamsters Offering Free SUV Via ‘Lucky Draw’

Despite all the warnings that the bank authorities, state authorities, the Government and countless other entities are issuing for the citizens of India, people are still not being careful with their transactions.

A 32-year-old woman from Pune was looted of Rs. 1.53 lakhs by unidentified callers from an e-commerce website. 

Numerous such incidents have been happening all over the country where people are conned by fraudsters who pose as customer care executives.

However, this one sure is a very different case than the rest, as the woman who got conned knowingly transfered the money to the customer care executive’s account.

We are as shocked as you are! Find out what went down right here.

Pune Based Woman Conned: Loses Rs. 1.53 Crores

A 32-year-old woman based out of Pune, Anjali Devi, has filed a complaint with the cyber crime branch of Pune police. 

Anjali Devi claimed that she received a call from some people posing as customer care executives of a popular e-commerce website. She had recently purchased a TV set from the same e-commerce website. 

How Did This Happen

The conmen told her that she has been picked from many others as a part of the lucky draw scheme going on. They said that as a part of the prize of the lucky draw, she got to choose between two: a Tata Safari or a prize of Rs. 12,50,000.

Not believing these people at first, Anjali Devi hung up on them, only to check the website and see that there actually was such a lucky draw in place. 

Then she called up the number of the customer care executives that was listed on the eCommerce website, where she was connected to a man named Amit Singh. 

As per reports, Singh asked her to transfer the Rs. 1.53 lakh in three instalments to get the prize money of Rs. 12,50,000. 

And what’s more incredible is that she transferred the money to the unknown man’s account!

It was only when the man asked her to transfer Rs. 1,00,000 more did a bell rang in her head and she registered the complaint. 

It is extremely important to remember not to transfer such a huge amount of money to someone you do not recognize. Many banks and RBI too, have been very active, and are trying to spread the awareness among citizens about such frauds and scams. 

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