Every Plot Of Land in India Will Get Aadhaar-Type Unique ID: 5 Facts You Should Know!

Every Plot Of Land in India Will Get Aadhaar-Type Unique ID: 5 Facts You Should Know!
Every Plot Of Land in India Will Get Aadhaar-Type Unique ID: 5 Facts You Should Know!

Aadhaar-type unique identifier will soon be allocated to every piece of land, in India.

This has been officially announced by the Govt yet, but as per insider sources, this will be soon made a rule.

Here are 5 facts you should be aware of:

  • The process to allocate Aadhaar-type unique identifier has been initiated by Rural Development Ministry, and the process has already been initiated. Every piece of land will be surveyed, and accordingly, a unique identifier will be allocated to that.
  • This unique ID of the piece of land will have these following information: state, district or zilla, tehsil or taluka, block level and street information. The size of the plot, and the ownership details.
  • Now, the most interesting question: Why is Govt. doing this? As per the reports coming in, this step has been taken to stop dubious land deals, and the black market of real estate. As per official records, cases related with real estate such as dispute over ownership, validity of the tiles, etc account for 2/3rd of all pending cases in the Courts of India. By providing a unique ID to every piece of land, such disputes will come to an end.
  • Note here, that Govt. of India has already initiated the ambitious Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme, which aims to digitalise every property in India, and land records. The results have been mixed as of now, but this new initiative to generate Aadhaar-type ID can help this project as well.
  • In the future, Govt.  plans to link this unique ID with Aadhaar number of the land owners, and a central database of all real estate properties, which will be linked and tagged with GIS or Geographical Information for quick and easy retrieval of information. Once this happens, then the black market deals of real estate will be controlled, and Govt. will get more revenues from these deals.
  • However, there can be some issues related with the generation of this unique Aadhaar-type ID, in case the piece of land is divided, and then resold several times. Every time a land is divided, a new number will be required to be assigned to the new piece of land, and the old plot, which can create some sort of confusion.

Real Estate developers are confident that this new Aadhaar-type ID will help solve the major issues which is stopped real estate growth in India.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 


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