3 Reasons Why Chandrayaan 2 Is Not A Failure For ISRO; And Why India Stands United Right Now

3 Reasons Why Chandrayaan 2 Is Not A Failure For ISRO And India
3 Reasons Why Chandrayaan 2 Is Not A Failure For ISRO And India

India is right now emotionally charged, because India’s first attempt at landing on the Moon failed. The Lander, Vikram, lost communication with India, and no one knows the whereabouts of the Lander, and the Rover, Pragyan, which was supposed to land on the Moon.

Having said that, the entire Mission: Chandrayaan 2 is still a success, and not a failure.

Here are three reasons why:

Orbiter Is Still Orbiting The Moon

The main Orbiter of the Chandrayaan 2 mission is still orbiting the Moon, and sending live images and data all the way to Indian Space station in Sriharikota. 

Even though the Lander and the Rover failed to land on the Moon’s South Pole, the mission is 95% success, and this is not entirely a failure.

An ISRO official confirmed this, as he said, “Only 5 per cent of the mission has been lost – Vikram the lander and Pragyan the rover – while the remaining 95 per cent – that is the Chandrayaan 2 orbiter – is orbiting the moon successfully,” 

The Orbiter has a life of more than a year, and it will keep on sending us crucial data and information about the Moon, which has never happened before.

On the contrary, the life span of the Rover was only 14 days, and it eventually would have run out of steam.

This is not a failure, but a success.

The Cost Of Chandrayaan 2 Mission Is Less Than A Movie

The total cost of Chandrayaan 2 mission is only Rs 978 crore, out of which Rs 608 crore was spent on the spacecraft systems, and the rest Rs 375 crore was spent on the GSLV MK-III launcher.

Compared to this, the Statue of Unity in Gujarat costed Rs 2966 crore, and the movie Avengers: Endgame was produced at an expense of Rs 3636 crore.

The world is in awe of ISRO and Indian Scientists, as to how could they send a mission to the Moon, at such a low cost, and this, is the real success of India. 

There is no way we can define this as failure.

The Solid Experience Of Chandrayaan 2 Will Propel Our Ambitions

The ultimate aim of ISRO is to land on Mars and other planets in the deep space.

And the lunar mission: Chandrayaan 2 was only a step in that direction. We plan to create a sort of pit-stop on the Moon, where we can stock fuel and other resources for deep space mission to Mars, Sun and other planets and objects in the Space.

PM Modi said, “Learnings from today will make us stronger and better. There will be a new dawn. When ISRO has its encyclopedia of success, some hurdles cannot put its flight out of trajectory,”

The vital and crucial experience of Chandrayaan 2 will propel us to launch even more missions to the Moon, and eventually create a base there, which only three other countries have been able to do so.

India is proud of the ISRO’s achievements and this small failure to land on the Moon will not disrupt us.

India stands United more than ever, and our space adventure just became more exciting.

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