Move Over Foldable Phones: Sony Is Working On A Rollable Smartphone!

Sony Working On Rollable Display
Sony Working On Rollable Display

While smartphone companies are still working on the foldable smartphone technology, here is Sony going two steps ahead of all.

Yes, the popular smartphone company is on its merry way to introduce a device with a rollable technology.

A leak has surfaced that reveals the the technology that will be used by the company along with some important specifications and features of the phone as well.

What is Sony attempting to do here? Read on to know all the details about this innovative technology that Sony has come up with.

Sony’s Rollable Technology Leaked on Twitter

A tweet has appeared on a social media site and is already making its way through the internet, announcing Sony’s plans to introduce a smartphone with a rollable technology. 

The tweet, by a famous device leaker, Max J, includes a video that shows how the technology will function. He had also, in recent history, tweeted that Sony might launch the device in December of this year, or early 2020. 

While we believed that Sony is close to an almost demise in the smartphone market, this news definitely changes things. 

Some leading smartphone makers such as Samsung, Huawei have already introduced foldable smartphones in the market, and there has been news about Samsung filing a patent for a rolling display

Specifications, Features, and Price of Sony’s Rollable Smartphones

The tweet has revealed some of the key specifications of the phone, which can tell us quite a lot about the phone. 

As per the tweet, the current model is said to function on a 3220mAh battery, and will have a “Nautilus design.” The notorious rollable display will be an LG display, and the phone will come with a 10X Zoom camera. The tweet also says that it will be powered by SM7250 Soc.

LG recently introduced the first rolling OLED TV at CES 2019 earlier this year. 

Whereas, the retail model will come with the modern Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and an X50 modem chip. 

As the tweet says that this phone will be competing against the foldable smartphones by Huawei and Samsung, the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, Sony’s upcoming device with a rollable technology will not be easy on the pocket. 

Both the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X cost a fortune and a half, and given the high end features that Sony’s rollable display smartphone seems to flaunt, it won’t be a surprise if the phone will come at similar prices. 

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