Samsung Tablet Burns A Hole In 11-Year- Old Boy’s Bed, Luckily Escapes Unharmed; Samsung Responds

Most of us are guilty of leaving our phones or any other electronic knowingly or unknowingly to charge overnight without realizing how dangerous the consequences could be.

That’s exactly what this 11-year-old boy from the UK experienced on the night of June 19, as he left his Samsung Tablet to charge overnight and the disaster that hit soon left him and his family traumatized.


Samsung Tablet Explodes and Burns A Hole In The Mattress

 The Samsung tablet was left on charge for over nine hours which led to its battery exploding and burning a deep hole through the mattress down to the spring.

The survivor of the catastrophe, Callum Hewkin made a lucky escape, given that he was sleeping inches away from the phone. He didn’t see anything burning through the night, only realizing on waking up that his Samsung tablet has exploded covering the room in a layer of black soot.

The device was only a few moments away from catching fire.

According to the statement released by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, the family had purchased the tablet brand new four years ago and was connected to a  genuine charger.

The only reason a fatal accident has been avoided because after the tablet overheated and burned, it smoldered on the mattress and didn’t set it on fire.

Samsung Has Released A Statement To Defend Its Brand

The exact model number and the make of the Samsung Tablet haven’t been disclosed yet.

Meanwhile, Samsung has released a statement saying, “Product quality and customer safety are our top priorities at Samsung. We are currently reaching out to the customer to conduct a full investigation of this matter. Until Samsung is able to obtain and examine the device, it is impossible to determine what happened.”

More Such Cases Of Phone Explosions

Last year a similar incident had been reported in Thane, Maharashtra, where the family members suffered severe burns after the mobile phone exploded inside the house. 

Another case in India was reported of an 18-year old girl who died after her phone exploded while she was on a call

In December, a Malaysian teenager was found dead by his mother with no injury other than his ear bleeding. He was shocked through the earbuds that were plugged into his phone while it charged.

Protect Yourself And Your Phone

One of the biggest causes of smartphone explosions is batter, now there are now permanent ways to avoid such disasters but following these simple rules, one can surely reduce the possibility of such mishaps.

  1. Avoid usage of third-party cable or adapters. Use the original cable and charging adapters as they are much safer.
  2. Do not overcharge any smartphone, tablet or Lithium-Ion battery devices.
  3. Never keep your devices near or on flammable surfaces such as furniture, mattress, paper
  4. Never keep your phone underneath your pillow while its charging during sleep.
  5. Avoid the smartphones or deviecs from being in long exposure to sun.

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