Indian Railways Will Reduce Delhi-Howrah, Delhi-Mumbai Train Journey by 5 Hours: 100-Days Plan Is Disruptive!

Indian Railways' 100-Days Plan Is Here
Indian Railways’ 100-Days Plan Is Here

The Indian Railways is planning to reduce the time required to travel between the New Delhi-Howrah and New Delhi-Mumbai train route, and this has been included in the 100 days plan.

Of a total 11, this is another one of the proposals put forth by the Indian Railways, another important one being the privatisation of trains, where major trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi will be run by private operators.

How does the Indian Railways plan to reduce the route of New Delhi-Howrah and New Delhi-Mumbai train by as much as 5 hours? Read on to know more!

New Delhi-Howrah and New Delhi-Mumbai Train Journey To Reduce By 5 Hours

The Indian Railways has recently prepared a document that explains its 100-day plan which comes with instructions to take prompt action and implement them by August 31. The proposal, drafted by union ministries, under the guidance of newly elected PM Narendra Modi, has been sent to the Cabinet Committee for Economic Affairs for approval.

The fastest train on the New Delhi-Howrah route takes 17 hours to travel the whole journey. For the New Delhi-Mumbai train, the time required by the fastest train is 15.5 hours. The national transporter plans to reduce the time of the journey to 12 hours and 10 hours respectively.

How will this journey be reduced? The Indian Railways plans to boost the speed of the trains from 130 kmph to 160 kmph.

An amount of almost Rs. 14000 crore will be invested in this project, an approval for which is expected to arrive by within the next 100 days. The New Delhi-Howrah route, of 1525 km, will be allotted Rs. 6684 crore, and the New Delhi-Mumbai route, which is about 1483 km, will be allotted Rs. 6806 crore.

If approved, the proposal will be in place within four years from the date of approval.

Indian Railways’ Proposals In The 100 Days Plan

Here are some of the other proposals put forth by the Indian Railways as a part of its 100 Days plan:

  • Wi-fi at all railway stations (6485)
  • Digital corridors for railways with 10 MHz spectrum in 700 Mhz frequency band.
  • Advanced signalling system
  • Redevelopment of 50 railway stations
  • Restructuring of railway board
  • Technological renovations
  • Improved working conditions in case of fog
  • Improved security
  • Elimination of 2568 level crossings on golden quadrilateral diagonals by 2023.

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