Mobile Lost/Stolen? India’s Biggest IMEI Database Will Help You To Locate Your Lost Mobile Swiftly

India's own IMEI database is coming soon
India’s own IMEI database is coming soon

IIndia is ready to roll out its own IMEI Database, which will store every IMEI number ever generated.

This is an excellent news for mobile users in India, because now, if any mobile is lost, tracking and monitoring become super easy.

But how will this happen?

Keep reading to know more..

India’s Own IMEI Database Rolling Out

Telecom Ministry of India is all set to roll out Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), which will be a one of its kind database of all IMEI numbers activated in India.

First mention of such massive IMEI database was mentioned in the National Telecom Policy-2012 report.

Department of Telecom or DoT had approved this project in 2017, and a pilot database was created in Maharashtra, whose success has now prompted the creation of a nation-wide IMEI database. This was created under BSNL’s IT Project Service unit in Pune.

Rs 15 crore has been allocated by the Govt. for creation of this massive database.

As per an official who is working close on this project, lost and stolen mobiles are a national security threat, and steps must be taken to neutralize them.

He said, “The theft and cloning of mobile phones have become a serious problem. The theft of mobile phones is not just a financial loss but also a threat to the personal life of the citizens as well as national security.”

How Will It Work?

Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) will be a massive database of all IMEI numbers ever generated in the country.

Once this database rolls out, then locating and tracking lost/stolen mobiles will become very easy.

Once a mobile is lost, the user will be required to report it to the police first.

Once a report is filed, the user will be asked to call a helpline of DoT, and inform the IMEI number.

Once DoT gets the IMEI of the lost or stolen mobile, then they can execute “IMEI-based lawful interception”, and block that IMEI for ever.

Once IMEI is blocked, then that mobile phone will have no usage, and this will essentially discourage the practice of stealing phones.

What Is IMEI & How It Helps In Tracking Lost Mobile?

International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a unique identifier for every mobile phone ever manufacturered.

It is usually found behind the battery, but can also be retrieved by dialing *#06# on any mobile phone.

India has already banned any mobile which doesn’t have IMEI number, and this included several Chinese brands as well.

Tampering of IMEI number carries a three-year jail term in India right now.

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