Only BS-6 Vehicles Will Be Sold From Next Year; Petrol/Diesel Vehicles Face Ban After 2030

Only BS-6 vehicles will be sold from next year
Only BS-6 vehicles will be sold from next year

When it comes to curbing pollution via vehicles and adopting electric mobility, then the present Govt. has some long-term plans and solid determination.

In a move which will stop 100% pollution emitting from vehicles, Niti Aayog has proposed that all petrol and diesel vehicles should be banned after 2030.

Now, this is under the proposal, and the Govt. may or may not approve it.

But there is one big decision, which Govt. has already approved: Starting next year, only BS-6 vehicles will be sold in India.

This changes so many aspects of Indian automobile sector.

All Petrol, Diesel Vehicles Can Be Banned After 2030

Niti Aayog, the the policy think-tank of Indian Govt. has proposed to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles after 2030.

As per the proposal made, Govt. should only allow sale of electric vehicles, from 2030.

NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant led panel has proposed this major decision, and earlier, we had reported that the same panel has recommended banning all petrol/diesel two-wheelers after 2025.

But now, this same panel has recommended banning every sort of vehicle being run by petrol and diesel, and allowing only electric vehicles after 2030.

Is This Really Feasible?

A joint study conducted by NITI Aayog and Rocky Mountain Institute, USA had informed that India can save 64% of anticipated road-based mobility-related energy demand and 37% of carbon emissions in 2030, if a combination of electric, and fuel-based mobility is chosen for India.

In case this happens, then India will save 156 Metric tonnes of petrol and diesel, and roughly Rs. 3.9 Lakh Crore in fuel costs, by 2030.

However, the reality is pretty different.

50,000 new vehicles are registered in India, every year, which is 1,82,50,000 new vehicles every year.

But, out of these, only 1% are electric vehicles as India has only 4 lakh electric vehicles (both two and four wheelers).

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Only BS-6 Vehicles Will Be Sold In India Next Year Onwards

In related news, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar has announced that starting 2020, only BS-6 vehicles will be sold in India.

He said, “Vehicles that will be available from next year will support BS-6 fuel only.”

AS per the Minister, 20-22% of the overall pollution in India is contributed due to vehicles, and by adopting BS-6 norm in a massive manner, this pollution can be stopped.

BS-6 or Bharat Stage-6 is the latest emission standards issued by Govt. of India for fuels, and some cities such as Delhi, Noida have already access to it since April, 2018.

Nation-wide, BS-6 fuel will be available starting April, 2020.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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