This Is How Airtel Users Can Get 1TB Extra Data; Airtel’s Per User Revenue Increase By 25%

Get Free 1TB of Data from Airtel
Get Free 1TB of Data from Airtel

Airtel broadband Internet users can now get extra 1TB of data, and this can prove to be a major differentiator when it comes to the competitive broadband market in the country.

Meanwhile, ARPU of average revenue per user for Airtel has now increased up to 25% in some cases.

What has suddenly happened?

This How Airtel Users Can Get 1TB Extra Data

Airtel’s broadband plans, also called V-Fiber services is offering up to 1TB of high-speed data, for users who select the top end plans.

This offer of free data was launched in the month of January this year, was scheduled to be operative till March 2019.

But now, the free offer of 1TB data has been extended indefinitely.

The offers of free extra data is available for customers of V-Fiber, who opt for Rs 799 or higher plans.

Free 1TB of additional data is available for users, who opt for these three plans:

Rs 999, Rs 1299 and Rs 1999.

By paying Rs 999, Airtel broadband users can get 263 GB of data/month accessible at 100 Mbps speed, and 1 TB of free data which will be distributed across 6 months.

At the same time, users of Rs 1299 plan can get 525 GB of data at 100 Mbps speed per month, and also 1 TB of free data spread across 6 months.

Rs 1999 broadband plan gives unlimited data at 100 GBPS speed, and free 1TB of data for 6 months.

Users in Hyderabad won’t be able to access this free 1TB offer, as there is no FUP limit for them.

You can get real-time offers, and exact details on Airtel’s page right here.

Airtel Is Now Earning More From Users

Airtel’s decision to do away with low-cost prepaid and post-paid plans is now working.

As per the latest analysis, Airtel is now earning more revenues per users, and this increase in revenues is up to 25% in some cases.

In the last two quarters of FY 2019, Airtel increased ARPU or Average Revenue Per User to Rs 125, which is an increase of 25%.

Vodafone too increased ARPU by 18%, by doing away with low-cost plans.

However, Vodafone lost 88 million users in the same period, meanwhile, the userbase of Airtel remained more or less same at 284 million (as per December quarter numbers)

Ast the same time, Jio’s ARPU decreased by 4.5%.

This means that Airtel’s gamble of focussing on high-end plans and offering more data, and more services is working for them.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more details.

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