Girls Punished For Being Smart: These Colleges Have Increased Cut-Off For Girls, Decreased For Boys

Women of this country have had to face discrimination at every turn of their lives, since centuries. From the time of her birth, a woman is kept in shackles, controlled and confined to follow rules by this patriarchal society and face injustice.

As time passed, we saw her break free of all the restraints to become independent, and yet even in the 21st century, society and its institutions are coming up with new ways to overpower them.

In an outrageous and a rather offensive move, some colleges in Bengaluru have set the cut-off marks for girls higher than that of boys.

Additionally, there is an extremely ‘logical’ reason behind this life-changing rule by colleges. What is this reason? Read on to know all about it.

Too Many Girls in the Colleges of Bengaluru

Pre-University colleges, or junior colleges, of Bengaluru, have set the cut off marks of girls higher than that of boys.

For instance, the cut-off for admission in the Christ Junior College’s Science department is 94.1% for boys and 95.1% for girls. In the same institute, the difference between the cut-off marks of boys and girls for the Arts stream is a massive 4.7%. MES PU College is yet another college that has set the bar different for boys and girls.

The reason cited behind this is to make sure that there is a balance between the number of girls and boys studying in the institutes.

Apparently, the colleges are facing a ‘too many girls’ problem.

Initially, The Department of Pre-University Education of the Karnataka state government had put some rules in place to ensure that the number of girls getting admitted in colleges is increasing.

And yet, here are some colleges which are implementing these rules to maintain the same number of girls and boys in an institute.

The ‘Girls Are Smarter’ Issue

Vice Chancellor of Christ PU College, Fr Abraham expressed his ‘wise’ opinion on the matter, “Girls are smart, and this is not a new trend. If there is no higher cut-off, the college will have only girls. The higher cut-off is to bring in gender balance.”

It is unclear if the Vice Chancellor was complimenting girls, or insulting, or is it a classic case of killing two birds with a single stone.

Girls are smarter, more sincere and hardworking, and that makes them the obvious choice to face this new form of gender disparity that has been unleashed.

Is it not enough that women as a gender already go through so much injustice, even in such a progressed day and age, that this new rule is imposed on them?

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